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Mercedes patented the "Safety Cell" construction in 1951 and this is used by all cars and trucks on the road today. From a safety standpoint, the safety cell design is considered one of the most important innovations in automobile history. That said, one can see why choosing a Mercedes vehicle is a superior choice. This car comes fully loaded and has top class protection.
Armored Mercedes Rental
Armored Mercedes S500
Armored Cadillac Escalade

Leather interior, 4.4L V8 gas engine, Fully Loaded

Protection - CAV Level IV (Same as European Level B6)
7.62 NATO x 51; M80 Ball; 5.56 Caliber (.223); M193; S109; 7.62 x 39
30.06 High Power Rifle (AK-47 and M-16) (12 Gauge Shotgun)
Plus Handgun Munitions .38 Cal.; 9MM; .357 Cal.; .44 Cal
Transparent Armor - CAV Level IV
Windows - All Curved Glass/Polycarbonate - 40mm
Opaque Armor - CAV Level IV
Doors - Spectra Shield™ (Lightweight Armor)
Roof and Floor - Ballistic Nylon
Fuel Tank - Ballistic Nylon
Pillars and Posts - High-hardened Ballistic Steel
Rear Cargo Door – High-hardened Ballistic Steel
Battery - High-hardened Ballistic Steel
Firewall - High-hardened Ballistic Steel
Explosive Protection
Additional Equipment Included
Tires - 4 Special Run-flat Tire Inserts
Nylon Door Risers on All Doors
Reinforced Door Hinges
Upgraded and Reinforced Braking System
Upgraded and Reinforced Shocks and Springs
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