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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Towson?

Towson MD was originally a popular farming land in Maryland. Therefore, there is vast, fertile land that serves as a major tourist attraction here now in this modern day and age. Tour agencies will say that Towson MD enjoys an in-between climate which is perfect for outdoor activities almost all year round. The northern region of Towson MD is slightly warmer than the southern region. So, if you are heading over here for a group vacation, you only need to watch the weather during the summer months in July and August where there is more rainfall compared to other months.

Towson MD, the shopping destination – When it comes to shopping malls, Towson boasts of long strips of malls and quaint retail outlets almost everywhere along the city center. The largest mall in Towson is the Towson Town Center where your hunger for famous brand names can be fulfilled. In the malls, there are lots of cafes and restaurants to rest your tired legs and take a break from frantic shopping. For those who prefer to eat somewhere else where there are more variety, get US Coachways charter bus driver to bring you to Allegheny Avenue.

Not far away, another mall beckons shopholics and that would be the Towson Commons.

Getting around in Towson MD – As with traveling in other parts of the country, moving around in a large group can be a big hassle. There is the waiting, the weather, the needs of kids and elderly people in the group…a huge headache. The public transportation system in Towson is adequate and timely, make no mistake about it but as far as practicality is concerned, it is simply more convenient and comfortable for everyone if a charter bus was used. During rush hour traffic, the bus driver will find a route that is not as congested based on the knowledge that he has and sophisticated GPRS, if they are equipped with it.

Entertainment options – If you wish to catch a good show after dinner, a good place would be Recher Theatre. Whenever a show comes to Towson, for most of the time, the venue of choice would be Recher because the theatre is well-maintained, modern, and can sit many people. When local and national acts hold their shows, you can be sure that Reccher Theatre will be filled to the brim. But US Coachways’ charter bus rental package was used, passengers do not have to contend with timeliness, parking, jams before and after the shows.

Thank you for coming to US Coachways’ website and we hope that we have successfully provided you with some useful information that would help make your trip here a more superb one. If you ever need a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus or any other types of large group transportation services, think US Coachways.

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