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Sedona Charter Bus

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Sedona, Arizona?

Sedona: Popular Tourist Attraction that Always Has More to be Seen

A visit to Sedona, Arizona has something for everyone. From Old West movie fiends to New Age 'energy workers' to people simply needing to get away from it all, they will find what they're looking for in and around Sedona. In fact, there's so much to see that the idea of paying attention to roads and directions sounds like no fun at all. Why not hire a US Coachways personal Charter bus for the day? That way you get where you want to go in safety and luxury never needing to search out a restroom or a place to stretch out and relax, it's all right there at your fingertips.

No need to narrow your guest list either as these Charter buses easily accommodate up to forty (that's right- forty) of your friends, business associates, or family. Gather your favorite people together and enter the world of limo-bus luxury. Your magnificent Charter bus has everything you could ever want on a road trip. If you tire of the tumbleweeds and prickly pears pop in a DVD and turn on the Alpine surround sound. Things have come a long way since the time when camels were imported to transport goods across this desert.

If you begin your tour early enough in the day ask your devoted driver to take the long way around Sedona so your party posse can take a good look at the breathtaking scenery. This high desert is abundant with life. Creosote bushes, crispy with cicada shells, give way to Sycamore and Cyprus as the elevation rises. Watch for the treasured Banana Yucca growing out of cracks in the red rocks and wind-whipped stone spires. Looks familiar doesn't it? That's because Sedona has been the site of about a bazillion Westerns. Remember 'Johnny Guitar', starring Joan Crawford? How about 'Broken Arrow','Riders of the Purple Sage' or 'National Lampoon's Vacation'? No? All right then-- think Roadrunner and Wile E, Coyote. Now you know where you've seen this before! Click http://www.adayinthewest.com/sedona_movies.html to see a complete list of movies made in and around Sedona.

Sure, the natural scenery in and around Sedona is alluring but this busload of noble explorers requires sustenance before touring any further. Of course you're wearing your Sedona formal attire; a Bola string tie with a hefty chunk of turquoise. Bus on over to The Cowboy Club at 241 Highway 89A and dine on REAL Southwest cuisine: Rattlesnake Bites, prime cuts of Bison (Buffalo) and ultra-tender Angus steaks. Well-fed and energized, climb back into your personal Charter bus and go on a Vortex hunt. There are several vortices in the Sedona area, where certain mineral veins and Leys lines come together causing energy fields that can be felt by many people. Some say these are meant for healing while some propose that the vortices are a kind of earth-to-alien cell phone tower. By the way 'vortices' is the traditional plural of 'vortex', but in Sedona and ONLY in Sedona, they say 'vortexes', and don't you dare try to correct them!

As the sunsets watch for little bats peppering the air as you sojourn in your Charter bus back into town. If you have a little something to toast Hunter S. Thompson with, by all means, do it now. Then repeat the process at the Full Moon Saloon at 7000 Highway 179. The Moons is a favorite hangout for locals, and for good reason. With its big dance floor, full bar, live music, and karaoke contests, the Full Moon is the quintessential Sedona saloon. There's really no reason to barhop, and you might even meet someone who can explain the vortexes to you.

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