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Miami Charter Bus

The Kampong - Miami’s Charming Tropical Botanical Garden

When people get all stressed out with their work, the Miami locals would often organize weekend escapades to places like The Kampong, just to quickly get away for a while and walk into a peaceful and tranquil world that is surrounded by Mother Nature. Located on Biscayne Bay on Coconut Grove, The Kampong is named after a Malay/Javanese word which means ‘village’. And sure enough, this tourist attraction surely gives off a very peaceful village-like feel.

The administration for The Kampong are very good in ensuring that the fascinating array of tropical fruit plants, trees and flowers are well maintained all year round and all thanks to the amazing sub-tropical weather of Miami, the flora and fauna are enchanting for Miami charter bus rental visitors. The botanical garden was first designed when these wonderful collection plants were brought into American soil, being sure that they will thrive in Miami’s soil and that happened back in the early 1900s. The first plants that made the cut to the garden are actually gifts from enthusiasts and fans. And needless to say, the collection has grown tremendously over time.

From a short visit to this amazing botanical garden, you will get to see and learn more about rare plants like candle fruit, peanut butter fruit, and more than fifty different types of mango trees. There are tours, guided or otherwise, available and it is perhaps time to make a short trip here for the kids and experience what they call a living classroom. The living classroom programs are extremely popular with students of all ages, including those from universities and colleges. It is no wonder that the botanical garden has been listed as a historic place under the National Register.

We will have you know that The Kampong is a much-appreciated Miami delight, bringing in throngs and bus loads of Miami charter bus visitors and foreign tourists every year. It is fantastic to know that the current site was chosen for the landmark instead of Hawaii when the project took off.

This time of the year is the perfect time to come learn more about protecting, growing and conserving these awesome tropical plants and if the weather permits (where you are a resident of), you can give growing these plants a shot too. Learn more about how these scientists are tracking and working together to combat extinction of some species too.

Therefore, we contend that visiting this awesome botanical garden is most definitely worth the $35 admission fee. Give it a shot and have fun.

Arcade Odyssey Miami FL

Kids have their own tech gadgets these days and entertainment, more often than not, is splendidly free of charge (except for incurring the usual internet data charges). What more with the fact that most games are freely downloadable onto mobile devices like smartphones and tablets so much so that the need to head over to an internet cafe or an arcade has been reduced to nothing. But going to a games arcade is something very old school yet fun for those who were into it back in the 70s and 80s. It is where people gather around and play physical games...in front of and WITH each other instead of over the internet.

Many arcades have called it quits with the internet boom...except for a relative few, including the one in Miami Florida called Arcade Odyssey.

Here, you can find conventional games like Fighters and easier ones like Shoot-em-ups and of course, we can never leave out classic games like Pinball. The interesting thing about Arcade Odyssey is that there is a good mix of games here...there are new introductions as well as maintenance of the old, classic games. Some games have received modern touch-ups and makeovers but maintains its old names, including game consoles that comes with 3D screens and modern rumble seats.

For that fact alone, Arcade Odyssey has earned its name as the number one arcade in all of South Florida. Some Miami charter bus rental visitors have said that it is just an old game center with outdated games but that is only because they have never been exposed to these ‘older’ unheard of games, therefore, have little or less appreciation for their continued existence. Arcade Odyssey is not called a Retro Arcade for nothing, after all.

Game lovers who are into anime or Japanese stuff is going to love the fact that the arcade management regularly brings in Japanese games, including the latest XBOx 360 (one of the latest versions at the point of writing this article). So far, the game center is offering more than one hundred and twenty three different games here and it is named as one of the best places to hold a private gathering or birthday parties.

Some have gone on to say that the ‘old school’ token system is a fantastic idea as it brings them down memory lane...to a time when this was the most high tech system there is. Their refusal to implement new systems is a good move and a nice touch as it makes Miami charter bus rental visitors and vacationers feel like they are teenagers all over again.

So, if you want to walk down memory lane and feel young and invincible again, give Arcade Odyssey a shot during your Miami charter bus rental vacation.

WynWood Walls (Miami FL)

No number of visits to local art galleries can quite prepare someone for a charter bus rental visit to Miami’s Wynwood Walls and this tourist attraction is most definitely something that will make anyone’s jaw drop, especially if they are strangers to street art. The Wynwood Walls was first thought up by Tony Goldman back in 2009. It was one of Miami’s pretty much neglected part of the warehouse community. The funny thing about the warehouses here, as if a standard design, had no windows...which makes for the perfect canvas for creative minds.

So, with that idea in mind, six separate buildings along the 25th and 26th street were turned into giant canvases for street artists who wanted to find a way for people to creatively express themselves. The reason for Goldman’s commitment was that he thought that street art and graffiti art was pretty underappreciated. There is so much room for expression and deserved the same attention that modern contemporary art did. Lucky for Miami charter bus rental tourists, this was what they got - a place where they street art is appreciated and respected. A year later, when artists began covering the walls from top to bottom with creative works, Tony Goldman started yet another project called the Wynwood Doors in 2010. Wynwood Doors is a 176 feet tall gate which is covered completely with beautiful murals too. As with street art, the question about lack of space (or canvas, if you will) will arise and till this point, there are some other locations located outside of the park that has been designated as a canvas.

Tony Goldman’s dedication to art sees him collaborating with key persons in the industry and also he was selected as a President for some museums and public galleries. The project was so popular that artists from all around the world came to Wynwood Walls to work together and they are famous artists from Japan, Germany, France, Spain and many more countries.

For street art lovers, it is the time to come by during your Miami charter bus tour visit to come spend a few relaxing hours gazing, absorbing and pondering over the works of the artists. For those who are unfamiliar with street art, the chance to embrace another culture and lifestyle has chanced upon you and we think it would make for a very memorable experience if you did.

There are very few communities in the world that is completely dedicated to street art and murals - and we have right here in Miami. Therefore, visiting this Miami shuttle bus tourist attraction is most definitely one that should be written down on your bucket list.

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