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Houston Charter Bus Rentals

National Museum of Funeral History

Who would think of visiting a museum dedicated to the history of funerals be interesting...we most certainly thought so. Well....it wasn’t the most joyous of Houston charter bus visits but it was definitely different and extremely, extremely interesting. The National Museum of Funeral History may carry a rather somber undertone but if you want to learn something new during your Houston charter bus rental stay, give this museum a shot.

This amazing museum can be found at 415, Barren Spring Drive, Houston Texas and it owns one of the largest collection of funeral items and exhibits in the nation. It touches on the history of funeral services of every kind possible and provides even more in-depth information through several memorabilia from famous funerals....think along the lines of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower, just to name a few.

Truly one of a kind.

National Museum of Funeral History was opened in 1992 dedicated to the role of undertakers in the after-death rites simply because nobody really pays attention to the work done in this esoteric industry. In fact, isn’t it safe to say thinking of death and a funeral is the last thing one would think about? IF we didn’t have to. But in all honesty, the Houston charter bus visit was an eye-opening one. Where else would you find information and an entire exhibit dedicated to a Civil War embalmer? Don’t you think that the special vehicles designed to deliver caskets to its final resting place deserves your attention? We didn’t think so but as it turns out, we came out enlightened about the special details that went behind each funeral and vehicle.

When we came up to the exhibit showcasing a whole line-up of ‘dream coffins’ which basically shows off the dearly departed’s status, occupation, lifestyle and even personality, our jaws fell to the floor. Maybe it was the fact that we came in without any expectation that we completely enjoyed ourselves and lost ourselves in a world of favorite and famous coffins.

There are other exhibits that showcased funeral rites in other cultures and countries....now THAT was really thought-provoking because it showed us how different things were/are in other cultures. Some of us thought that the visit was a little odd until we saw a vehicle that the Pope rode on during his travels. Very cool.

Moving around can be confusing due to the design of the museum but worry not, the staff is friendly and will not hesitate to point you in the right direction. All in all, it was a very interesting and eye-opening visit...something that we didn’t think we would end up doing during our Houston charter bus rental visit.

The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club

The name says it all, doesn’t it? This is the place you come for big, easy, social and memorable entertainment. Period. And suffice to say, according to most of our charter bus rental Houston customers, they rock it every time. No pun intended. An old school dive bar style club often visited by the locals, a visit that wil surely give you an inside feel.

Award-winning club
Strategically-located along Kirby Drive means that it is easy, even for foreigners with GPS systems, to find. If you are coming in with public transportation, just try steering towards the Rice Village which is only a stone’s throw away. And once you have found it, you should get yourself ready for some of the best entertainment in Houston...ever. They have not won, multiple times,s the People’s Choice Award for being the best blue’s venue, for nothing. The thing with Big and Easy is that they are incredibly proud of not just blues music, but also the society and community that comes along with playing hard and working harder.

Keeping blues alive in the ever-changing music industry
Before the emergence of the almighty Internet, The Big Easy is simply a large neighborhood club geared towards keeping blues entertainment big and very much alive. In the ever-changing music industry, things are constantly changing, direction is moving and so does consumer’s musical preference. Blues has very deep roots in America and we sense that these people are working hard to keep the roots yet help spread the love for music while maintaining its culture. Quite a big thing to do, we can tell you that.

Featuring multi-talented blues artistes
The entertainment provided by The Big Easy is absolutely nothing short of top of the crop talents from not just Houston but also from other parts of the country. Part of their job is to bring forth new talents who are interested in blues music too....such a rare find in the pop culture that we live in today.

The exterior of the building may need some ‘dressing up’ but let’s just say that if you can get past the exterior, you will fall head over heels in love with what they have to offer on the inside.

This is the kind of place that foreign tourists and out-of-town visitors should visit for very one good reason - it is as ‘local’ as local is going to get. There is absolutely no need to dress up or pretend to be someone important. Here, everyone is important and fans of dive style bar and hangout will want to come back again, whether for the music, cheap drinks, pool tables or the friendly atmosphere.

For those who want to find more information about this great Houston night spot should visit their website for more information.

Alley Theatre of Greater Houston

Having won the recent 2013 Certificate of Excellence says a lot about how this theatre has progressed over the years, after being founded more than sixty years ago. Every now and again, there would be introduction of top quality shows in the form of modern plays and classics. What the theatre also focuses on are quality scripts that are re-discovered or those that are rarely performed yet deserves a fighting chance in the theatre scene. Some Houston charter bus rental customers make their way to Alley Theatre specifically for the performances and not merely popping by for quick entertainment.

The theatre also thinks outside of the box in terms of their search for quality scripts because their showcases goes beyond merely providing entertainment - they want quality works that not merely entertains but makes viewers think long and hard, feel deeply, dream about and the shows also aims to set to inspire people into thinking of the possibilities and making the most out of their lives.

Within the seventy five thousand square feet, actors, actresses, creative individuals including designers and artisans from different industries come together and build their dream acts. All the performances hold their auditions, productions and rehearsals at their expansive halls and rooms. One of the reason Alley Theatre won the Excellence Award must have something to do with having a state of the art complete facility that can rival the best of the them in the international scene. Some would go as far as to argue that it is Houston’s very own Broadway.

So, what is Alley Theatre to the locals who are in love with the entertainment scene? It is more than just a place to catch the latest acts, it is where they come for dates with their loved ones, it is a place friends gather together to have some fun, it is where parents bring their kids for kid-theme performances and also a tourist destination for out-of-town Houston charter bus rental visitors who must have heard so much about Houston’s darling gem, Alley Theatre.

The locals also put their trust into the management to hold true to their promise of delivering top quality shows by these talented and creative individuals who have come together with a common mission. Expression and entertainment.

Fans of Alley Theatre are long time subscribers of their programs and work and spent years coming to this place as a form of reprieve from their everyday working life. The people behind the Alley Acting Company have done a great job in creating these programs to teach the locals low-downs of the acting and entertainment industry.

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