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Galveston Charter Bus Rental Companies

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Galveston, Texas?

Galveston is your next charter bus destination. Glen Cambell made this town famous in a song, but it is truly famous in it's own right. There is lots to see and do for your charter bus excursion.

Moody Gardens is a great way to kick off your charter bus tour. It is truly, a wonderful place.The tropical rain forest filled with exotic plants from the Amazon inside a huge glass pyramid, complete with waterfalls, cliffs, butterflies, birds, fish and, the latest acquisition, bats, is the highlight of this immense educational center which has two other pyramids, a pool, beach, spa and hotel.

Ashton Villa is a restored mansion that hales back to the turn of the century to the time of James Moreau Brown, one of Texas’s wealthiest businessmen before the Civil War, built this luxurious antebellum mansion in 1859. Your charter bus group can experience what it was like to live in the old south prior to the war with antiques and authentic decor of the age.

Another stop that will take your charter bus group back in time is at the Moody Mansion Museum which gives insight of how one of Texas’s foremost families lived around the turn of the 20th century. Your charter bus group will enjoy the hand-carved decor, coffered ceilings, and stained glass as much as the Moody family possessions that still inhabit the rooms. Another historic house to charter a stop at is the Williams Home which was built when Texas was only a Republic and still very much an untamed land. Samuel May Williams built this exquisite home with a unique blend of plantation, Creole-style architecture with subtle touches inspired by traditional captains’ homes in New England.

Mardi Gras Museum is a fun destination on your charter bus excursion. Celebrating Mardi Gras has been a Galveston tradition since 1867, and the Mardi Gras Museum offers something for all the bead hurlers, young and old. The museum displays an eclectic array of costumes and memorabilia dating back to 19th century festivals. Your charter bus gang will enjoy seeing the history of this bright celebration.

Texas Seaport Museum is a great stop along your charter bus group. Only Ellis Island has welcomed more immigrants than Galveston’s port, and the Texas Seaport Museum chronicles their amazing stories through displays and historical records. One of the museum’s high points is the Elissa, an 1877 iron-hulled sailing ship that saw many immigrants safely into port, it has recently been completely restored and is open for tours. Another attraction is the museum’s database of over 133,000 immigrant names and records, which is a veritable gold mine for genealogists looking for relatives who first set foot on American soil in Galveston.

Shopping in the downtown area is fantastic. Walk the strand and all the boardwalk vendors, almost anything and everything is available. From old to new. Modern to antique. Your charter bus group will find a multitude of shipping choices here.

Hungry? Galveston has it all. Your charter bus group will find they have a lot of choices for great cuisine. There is the Mosquito Cafe featuring American, Asian, Caribbean, Seafood, Contemporary, Pacific Rim. Saltwater Grill, has some of the best seafood dishes on the coast. Luigi's Ristorante, has some great Italian fare. Benno's on the Beach is great if your charter bus gang is looking for some casual food and conversation.

So sit back and let the charter bus take you on the best ride you have had in awhile and enjoy the view Galveston has to offer.

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