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Hunting Down Golden Treasures In Atlanta At Chamblee’s Antique Row District

Although we have to admit that when we need to find something antique that continues to be of value, we often hit Atlanta’s famous Scott Antique Market but there are days we want to look at something new, find a refreshing keepsake or perhaps chance upon something that reminds us of old times. And in comes Chamblee’s Antique Row District which can be found on Broad Street in the Peachtree Industrial area. Give them a call at 770-458-6316 if you want to find out more before heading over or check out the details on their website.

I am sure I do not merely speak for myself when I say that there is more of a surprise element at Chamblee because the stuff here are as old as ‘old’ comes. The rows of quaint shops are located between Broad Street and Peachtree Road’s historically significant neighborhood. As we walked around, we were charmed by the magically old-school feel but as we walked into places like The Antique Factory which specializes in retro, art nouveau and treasures from another place and time, the excitement bubbles up in us.

If the stuff hanging off of the ceilings is not enough to incite a squeal from you, then look up because there are even MORE goodies hanging on the ceiling! If you asked us what the feeling was like hunting down timeless treasures, I would say that we felt like pirates. One thought flashed across my mind at the time and I was mentally comparing shopping in one of those high end downtown district malls to this....THIS wins hands down.

Most of the shops are rather small yet packed and they are absolutely brimming with good antique stuff, consignment materials and also great deals. Think along the lines of walking into one packed attic after another because that’s how nostalgic a visit to this Atlanta charter bus rental gem can be.

The price range of the stuff is so wide ranging that we can hardly pin a figure down or give you an exact price range. Basically, here is what you can expect to tables that are so cheap you would want to get them shipped back home right at the moment, right down to antiques you cannot possibly afford.

One more need at least half a day (or the entire day, if you can afford that kind of time) at Chamblee’s because we spent no less than seven hours in total, scrambling from one store to another in sheer delight.

It was so super fun that we were already plotting our next hunting spree the next time we are here in our luxurious Atlanta charter bus!

Popular Golf Courses Downtown Atlanta

Golfers, fear and worry not if you are heading over to Atlanta for a business trip, vacation or some won’t be missing your golfing anytime too soon. In fact, we strongly recommend bringing along your favorite clubs for the trip to Atlanta. Here are some of our Atlanta charter bus rental customers’ favorite golf courses and we think you should spend some time checking them out while you are here.

In West Wieuca Road in downtown Atlanta, or more precisely Buckhead area, North Fulton Golf Course is one course you should try out. The best thing about the North Fulton course is that it is perfect for both intermediate and expert golfers. The golf course is located right smack in the middle of a large park, you can’t miss it even if you tried. Some would have written off the course as being ‘too difficult’ because it has been designed to suit the locals but there are some parts of the course that is classified as ‘easy’ to ‘intermediate’. One thing to note about putting your clubs to good use is that we need to remember that the course is located right in the middle of the park and as with all parks, there will be visitors who are there for other activities like jogging and exercising. We need to practice caution at all times.

Many would agree with us when we said that the course presented us with a very pleasant view and some gorgeous scenery and it is definitely one of the most well-maintained municipal park and course. As said, the course is not ‘difficult’ per se but it is confusing for people who are unfamiliar with the course. Routing is considered another problem. To make the deal even sweeter, the staff readily extend their help and assistance whenever it is needed. Some Atlanta charter bus visitors who played said that the course truly favors the locals because the hole locations are unmarked.

Another golf course contained within a park would be the Candler Park Golf Course which is a nine-hole course within the downtown area. It was said to be one of the cheapest (but comparatively smaller in size) golf courses here in Atlanta but if you are looking for an easily accessible, affordable and reasonably good golf course, Candler Park course should do the trick. Most of the people who come to this golf course are locals who have been playing the course for nearly a decade. So, if you have questions or is confused with the location, the friendly locals will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable Atlanta charter bus rental package for your trip, please give our customer service representatives a ring to find out how we can be of help during your trip. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Taking A Tour Around Emory University

Many people have tried getting into Emory University for a very good reason. Till this very day, in 2013, it continues to rank highly, with it taking up the number 20 spot in the U.S. News and World Report for best colleges and universities in the United States. In fact, the name of the university was included in The Princeton Reviews as one of the 371 best colleges in the country. Many of its graduates went on to remain competitive and successful in the field that they have chosen to be in. But how does that make this university a good Atlanta charter bus rental attraction? The beautiful, gorgeous and huge building and its grounds, of course.

Located in a rather posh and private area of Druid Hills in Georgia, it is merely a stone’s throw away from the downtown Atlanta metropolis for those who are making use of a rented charter bus. Here, you will learn about the roots of the university and what it went through in order to become one of the best educational bodies in the country.

The University was founded and named Emory College in 1836 by a Methodist group and its bishop. But the university was initially located in Oxford, Georgia and it was only through later agreements and deals that the president of Coca-Cola (then) allowed the college to move on to the downtown area where it is simply far more accessible. The university’s mission and vision have not changed over the years and the management continues to stick to its roots which are ‘to create, preserve, teach and apply knowledge in the service of humanity’.

Whilst most of the Atlanta charter bus rental visitors who make their way to the learning hub are there to find out more about the university and to see if it was an institution that they want to be in, one can also visit the building just to take a short tour. For sure, the university is a part of the history of Atlanta that has shaped not just the city into what it is today, but also the people who make up of the friendly locals.

As you take a comfortable and languid tour around the two million square feet building, you cannot help but feel a feeling awe. The energy and positive vibe that you get as you watch the youngsters go about their daily activities, as they perform, discuss and have conversations with each other in the halls, canteens and classes, makes one feel young all over again.

There is a museum on the ground of Emory University which shows off a great exhibit of American and Egyptian collections - but then again, the displays are constantly changing so, please do visit their website to find out more information about what to expect before heading over for your Atlanta charter bus tour.



Being the naturally most populous city in the state of Georgia has its perks. Because there is a strong cross-culture here, it has become, naturally, quite a big tourist magnet. If you are looking for destinations to visit or points of interest in the greater Atlanta area, please read our post on popular Atlanta destinations. And as we all know, in-pouring of foreign cash is always a welcome. There are currently now nearly 450,000 people living within the downtown area and the number is growing. Real estate is also blooming in Atlanta, raising the number of requests we get for our bus charter Atlanta vehicle rental services.

Most people find it fine traveling on their own, using public transportation but let’s just say the story is not the same when you are traveling with elderly people, kids or in a large group...then using charter bus Atlanta services seems like the wiser choice. Comfort and convenience then becomes a top priority. If need be, we have buses that are wheelchair friendly in our bus charter Atlanta packages. All you need to do is to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service reps and they will point you in the right direction.

Another good reason why our bus charter Atlanta customers love to book our charter buses Atlanta for a vacation here is because of the mild weather. It isn’t too cold during winter months and it’s not too hot and humid either, during summer months. Which makes it perfect for vacations, business trips, exhibitions, weddings and all other kinds of occasions.

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