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Indiana (IN) Charter Bus

Indiana Bus Charter "Amber Waves of Grain"

Named by the U.S. Congress, "Indiana Territory”, Indiana was originally the longtime ancestral home of numerous American Indian tribes. Today, Indiana has become known for more exclusive charms such as the Abe Lincoln's Log Cabin, the Indianapolis 500, and basketball, and its diverse destinations. This aside from the charming countryside attitudes and lifestyles of the state, even as it has become more cosmopolitan.

The "Hoosier State" as it is known, has an area of 36,420 sq miles and has four seasons, which accounts for the different climate changes in the state. During the spring and fall seasons, the weather is temperate and pleasant, with cool morning temperatures. Its summers can be humid, while winter temperatures can dip so low, especially along the Lake Michigan shorelines. Ride in an Indiana charter bus, so you can enjoy the many vivid types of scenery around you, in the safety and comfort of your seat.

Some of its vaunted attractions are the College Football Hall of Fame, Lincoln's Boyhood Log Cabin home, Indiana Dunes, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and museum, southern Indiana caves, Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial Park, and varied outdoor attractions. Remember to tour the state in your Indiana charter bus so you'll arrive safely at each destination.

Are you a lover of nature? Or a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, treasure hunter, hopeless romantic or family fun seeker? Pick up your heels and select from any or all of Indiana's most recommended travel destinations. Then get started in your very own Indiana charter bus.

Here are some travel destinations that are worth your while to tour, so you can explore.

The University of Notre Dame – take your students or arrange for a seniors tour in a made for you Indiana charter bus, and walk along this famous 1,250-acre campus. You'll feel yourself transported into an ancient European city. You'll be entranced by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart church, which is closely patterned after Rome's Church of the Gesù. The church is an integral part of one of the most beautiful campuses in America. It's called the University Of Notre Dame and it's found in South Bend, Indiana.

Another landmark worth touring in your own Indiana charter bus is the West Baden Springs National Historic Landmark located in West Baden. This six-story domed atrium hotel was built in 1902, and has been lovingly restored. It once was the world's largest clear-span dome until the era of constructing modern day arenas began.

You can take a tour in your Indiana charter bus, to the T.C. Steele Historic Site - Nashville. This legendary artist from the early 1900s was among the first to discover and settle down in this artists' haven.

Arrange for a treat for your children and maybe for the entire clan. You'll all enjoy the elbow room that comes from riding in your own Indiana charter bus, to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. This is the world's largest children's museum and features 10 interactive galleries, special exhibits, an awesome planetarium and the Dinosphere.

Afterwards, let the children engage in vigorous water sports to release serious pent up energy. Go to the Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, located in Santa Claus, Indiana. This amusement park has been voted the World's Friendliest and Cleanest Park for five consecutive years by the prestigious Amusement Today magazine. One famous ride is the incredible Zinga! (That's Swahili for "move in a circle"), which is a 8-story tall wild ride that uses four-person tubes which plunges from a wooded beginning, goes through a nine-foot-wide (and darkened) tunnel, and empties into the huge blue and pink funnel. It's just one of the many fun rides in this Indiana amusement and water park.

For the avid sports fan, the NCAA Hall of Champions – Indianapolis, is definitely a must see part of the tour itinerary of an Indiana charter bus. This massive state-of-the-art complex is national headquarters to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It possesses four presentation theaters and an awesome video wall covered with 144 monitors, as well as interactive displays and gift shop.Some good stops along the way in your Indiana charter bus are the following - the James Dean Memorial Gallery found in Fairmont, it house the biggest collection of Dean memorabilia.

And the Studebaker National Museum, Inc. found in South Bend, with over 100 years of automotive history on display, and it has a hands-on science center for children, for the mechanically minded and curious.

Lastly, if you want a memorable spectacular and amazing scenic drive as you stop and savor Indiana's local flavors, try the Madison - Ohio River National Scenic Byway. This 302 miles stretch of Southern Indiana's border begins at the Greendale on Indiana's eastern border and ends at the Mount Vernon on the western border. It also happens to ramble along side America's second largest river. You'll see and experience idyllic vistas of vineyards, verdant and colorful foliage, sprinkled with a variety of historic small towns, forts, caves, and fossil beds. Remember all you need to enjoy the scenery around you is to have your very own Indiana charter bus, where you'll experience much pleasure riding in comfort and safety.

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