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Bus Charter Florida - FL bus rental company

Find and read travel reviews and blog entries from our team of writers as they scour the country for the best place to have the most fun in! From museums to parks, from landmarks to restaurants, we have been there and hope that you will find them useful for YOUR travels.

The Ximenez-Fatio House

Right along 20 Aviles Street in Saint Augustine Florida, there is a mansion that, when entered, makes one feel like they have stepped into a time machine and transported into 1700s era. It is surreal, fun, educational and exciting at the same time. It is a pity that a part of the home was destroyed by Colonial Dames during one of the most turbulent times in America’s history. In short, what you will learn about with the guided tour is how life was like back then in Saint Augustine. I am sure you are going to bring home tons of memories of chatter and laughter in the museum after your Florida charter bus rental visit.

So, they called it a lifestyle museum - and I can’t agree more. There is a sort of magic in the air and if you want to be equally smitten by the charming house-turned-museum, head over during their opening hours which is from Tuesday to Saturday weekly from 11am to 4pm. We took the guided tour (which was a good thing because the different parts of the home was explained to us in a super fun way) as soon as they opened, which was about 11.30am. The tour is an hourly tour which goes on till 3.30pm, a half hour before closing time.

Learn about how back in 1791, Andres Ximenex who hailed from Ronda, Spain shared wedding vows with a local man’s (Francisco Pellicer) 15-year-old daughter Juana Pellicer as you take a quick tour around this famous Florida charter bus rental tourist attraction. Being a rather wealthy man, he went on to buy several other properties around the home-now-museum and he spent much of his time and money building and reconstructing the home (and other properties) - all Spanish style. Five kids later, young Juana died at the age of 26, followed by the death of two youngest and then finally, Andres followed suit.

In the meantime, Miss Louisa Fatio, who was fascinated with the enchanting home began operate then bought it and subsequently turned it into an inn in 1875. Miss Fatio made sure to keep the home-inn as comfortable and homely as possible, which in turn turned many of the Florida charter bus visitors into loyal fans and returning customers.

We wished that the heirs could have kept Miss Fatio’s building but The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Florida bought it up and turned it into a Florida charter bus rental museum instead. It works either way because if they have not done it this way, we would not have been able to view this amazing home.

We strongly recommend bringing large groups over because you can get a huge discount for group tours. In fact, we are thinking of holding larger events here in the near future because according to the tour guides, the venue is available for wedding receptions, special family gatherings or even a business event. How cool is that?

Jackie Robinson Ballpark

At first glance, one would have initially thought that this Daytona City Island ballpark is a rather new one because of how well-maintained the place is but we will have you know that the ballpark dates all the way back to June 1914...which makes it one of the country’s oldest oldest ballparks. When it was first built, the press box were made from wood and the grandstand was made for a much smaller number of people. But over the years, as the ballpark continues to receive much love and attention from the locals and tourists alike, the ballpark’s grandstand was modified and the roads encircling the park was constructed in order to accommodate a larger number of spectators. The fact is that while most people will come in their Florida charter bus rental vehicles so that they can save the trouble of looking for a parking spots and beating the crowds, there continues to be a fair number of people who prefer to drive to the park on their own.

The ballpark, once again, went through a facelift in the late 1950’s which was to include the bleacher section’s covered stands along the first baseline. Back then, there wasn’t even a clubhouse to begin and it was added only in 1972 when the home team’s supporters and fans grew by leaps and bounds and also specific to the Montreal Expos back then.

Therein lies the ballpark with a wealth of history, lies a name that is similarly significant - the park was renamed Jackie Robinson Ballpark because the first inter-racial baseball game ever played commenced in this ballpark.

The place serves as an amazing place for family gatherings because this is where you can lend your support to your favorite team and get cheering together while filling up with great food and drinks. It is a nice plus point that the ballpark and all the amenities are kept in a rather mint condition. The park officials understands that sometimes, fans like to bring their kids to the games as well and they are well prepared for that. In fact, most of the amenities on the ballpark are kid-friendly.

When the home team is not playing, there are friendly matches and games from the minor leagues. It is during these smaller and less promoted games that you will get to see and spot the future rising star of baseball. So, if you are ready to bring your kids and family and friends over to catch some of the best baseball games, then you are ready for Jackie Robinson Ballpark.

In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you regarding our affordable and reliable Florida charter bus rental services and packages.


Legoland in Florida

If you have young kids and is going to be here in Florida for a family charter bus rental vacation, it is almost MUST to bring the little kids to LEGOLAND Florida for a full day of unforgettable fun in the sun. Located within the beautifully-decorated and well-maintained one hundred and fifty acre theme park lies innumerable interactive games and rides suitable for kids from ages 2 to 12. Occasionally, there would be elaborate shows going on in one corner and then there will be the water theme park which proves to be a hit with just about any kid within that age range.

Honestly speaking, the rides and attractions might turn out to be a little dreary for kids aged 10 and up.LEGOLAND is located a short Florida charter bus ride from the downtown area (which is where, we are assuming, where your hotel will be) but with the rented charter bus, the drive should not last more than forty five minutes from downtown Tampa.

Bring your precious little ones to the Twin Chasers located within the theme park which is a fun slide ride that is more than three hundred and seventy five feet tall. The fun part about the slides is that it is just an ordinary slide....they intertwine, they intersect and guests would often find themselves racing with each other before plunging into the cooling and refreshing water that is waiting for them at the bottom of the ride. Only kids who are more than forty eight inches tall are permitted on the slide, though.

Young ones will also flock to Joker Soaker at this amazing Florida charter bus rental vacation attraction because it is a water-themed playground suitable for kids of all ages and heights...no weight and height requirements here! Let the kids stand underneath the three hundred gallon bucket which pours out its content following a timer. For toddlers, we think visiting the Duplo Splash Safari is as good for them as it gets. The smaller-scale slides and games will prove to be more their cup of tea. The great thing about Duplo would be that kids who are older than 6 are not allowed into the area for fear of scaring the younger ones.

Kids from 5 and up will have more fun at the Land of Adventure where they spend a couple of hours hunting down treasure in a tomb of adventure. At the end of the Florida charter bus rental visit, one must never forget to visit Imagination Zone. LEGO, at the end of the day, is all about creativity and nurturing one’s imagination....and here, on showcase, are some of the most amazing displays of creativity that you can find.


Be Besotted With Dreamy Floridian Beaches And Weather

There are many things really unique and charming about Florida but if you wanted us to put our finger on just one thing, we would have to go with the culture. Sure, the beaches are amazing, so gorgeous that once you have been there, you would end up dreaming of going there over and over again. Some may even harbor dreams of moving to Florida.

The people of Florida practice a really unique culture and you can see how it came from many ethnicities; from Native Americans to European and right down to Hispanics as well. Our bus charter Florida vehicle rental customers often find themselves besotted by the fact the people here are extremely laid-back and they have the ability to enjoy themselves even when they are working hard. There is a very thin line drawn between work and play.

During summer time, bookings for our bus charter Florida vehicle rental services would soar as people from the north and other colder countries find themselves dreaming of the dreamy oceans and beaches. The weather may be wonderful but take note that summer weather over here in Florida is punishing on the skin too.

So, hit the ‘contact us’ button or pick up the phone right now to find out how US Coachways can help make your holiday and travel here in Florida even more memorable with our reliable and affordable bus charter Florida vehicle rental services.

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