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Arizona (AZ) Bus Rental Company

Arizona Bus Charter "The Grand Canyon State" Arizona

"Sing the song that's in your hearts, sing of the great Southwest, Thank God, for Arizona, in splendid sunshine dressed.” Long after the lyrics of this State song will have faded from your memories, the splendor and contrasts that envelope Arizona will stay with you, long after your visit to the nation's 6th largest state.

Travel in an Arizona charter bus, around the state's 114,006 sq miles of series of flat lands, studded with gorgers, mountains and valleys. Travel in comfort, safety and style. What are some of the pleasures awaiting the adventuresome visitor in "The Grand Canyon State”?

Some will say, it's the awesome landscapes that have all these tall mountain ranges, the fierce flowing rivers, the grasslands, sand dunes dotted with cactus forests. Still others' will say, it's the history and culture of the state, from when the first settlement was established in Tucson in 1775, creating the unique cultural melding found all over Arizona, today.

But the inhabitants of Arizona and estimated 27.8 million satisfied visitors who traveled all over Arizona in 2004, will tell you, it's all of this together. And you can tour its premier destinations in an Arizona charter bus. Before you decide you'd like to find out the mysteries that are Arizona, take heed of it's' size. Arizona shares it borders with the five (5) states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and the country of Mexico. You can decide to explore Arizona by region, of which there are also five (5), Arizona West Coast, North Central Arizona, North Arizona, Phoenix and Central Arizona and Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Consider the events you wish to experience or the destinations when planning to hire an Arizona charter bus to go to any part of the state. For the state's weather conditions are divided in two. The northern plateau area has snowfall and near zero temperatures in winter, with somewhat milder summer temperatures when compared to those of the south.

In the south, the desert areas have mild winters and dry hot summers. Temperatures exceeding 110 degrees can be experienced along the Colorado River and in the southern cities. However, should you travel in an Arizona charter bus, you easily handle the differences in degree and not mind the humidity because your Arizona charter bus will suitably warm or cool depending on your needs. You can keep on enjoying the company of your family and friends as you pass by some of the more spectacular sceneries in the state.

Take your binoculars as you travel with family and friends, in an Arizona charter bus to take you all the way up to the northern half of the state to The Colorado Plateau. You could end up at The Black Mesa, in northeastern Arizona, which is one of the plateau's most interesting areas. You'd certainly gawk open-mouth at this majestic scenery. Then onwards in your Arizona charter bus, go to the tree-covered ranges of the Rockies wind through the Plateau, including the San Francisco and White Mountains, where you'll be able to gaze from afar at the Humphreys Peak, which at 12,633 ft. is the highest point. Then turn northwest, towards the most celebrated natural wonders in the world, the Grand Canyon, estimated to have been etched into character by 5 million years ago, by wind and water. All this is easy, if you travel in an Arizona charter bus, where you can sit snug and comfortable as your tour driver takes the reins.

Or are you planning a company conference? Consider touring in an Arizona charter bus, during the summer months, so you can mix business and pleasure in a soul satisfying way. Plan to go to any of the Tucson's annual events such as the La Fiesta de los Vaqueros which is recognized as the largest outdoor mid-winter rodeo in America. Are you a member of a jeweler association? Consider touring in an Arizona charter bus to the Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase of Tucson. This is a well attended event by people and companies, where people from around the world buy, sell and exhibit.

Do you plan to travel in the company of sports minded friends in an Arizona charter bus to any of the sporting events that Arizona is known for? Tucson holds, the distinction of being the only city in the country that is host to three Major League Baseball spring training teams: the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago White Sox, and Colorado Rockies. It is the host to the National Football League's Arizona Cardinals, the National Hockey League's Phoenix Coyotes, and the National Basketball Association's Phoenix Suns. Phoenix also has franchises in the Women's National Basketball Association and the Arena Football League. For avid sports spectators, these are the events, they should be in Arizona, and you can, in an Arizona charter bus.

Or if golf is your sport, then check out Tucson's golf calendar of events. Travel with your golfing buddies in an Arizona charter bus to Tucson, which plays host to the PGA Chrysler Classic. Perhaps you'd like to create your own adventures to enjoy a multitude of nature's resources. Bring your family and adventurous friends to go swimming, fishing, hiking or golfing in any of the state's first class resorts.

Whether you want to tour the state's national parks, or watch sporting events, savor the many historical sites and museums, or gape at the wonders of the Grand Canyon – consider an Arizona charter bus. If you do, you'll make a smooth landing at home because you choose to travel comfortably and safely.

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