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Bus Wrap Phoenix, Arizona

Joseph Jacovino
Vice President of Sales
ext. 206

Wrap it all up in Phoenix!

If you think that it is time to make your business grow in the city of Phoenix and you are looking for ways to reach out to a large group of people – all at one go – it is about time you consider a Bus Wrapping service.  For those who are not familiar with the term “Bus Wrap”, it basically means advertising on the bus.  It’s “wrapping” the bus with vinyl stickers of your desired graphic works.  It is like having a “mobile” billboard, instead of the billboard advertisement being “stuck” at one place, it is “moving on wheels”, hence, it does give more exposure than the conventional billboard advertisements.

A Bus Wrap may sound like an expensive investment, but if you compare it to advertising on the radio, television, billboards and others, you may see that it is a worthwhile investment – especially if it is going to be in a long-term basis kind of marketing for your business.  A city like Phoenix is more than just a great vacation destination – it is also a wonderful place to live, and it has consistently earned top marks for its resort amenities, as well as its business climate and educational institutions.  It is the business and cultural hub of the Southwestern United States, and as America’s 6th largest city, Phoenix is Arizona’s state capital and a booming capital that is without fail one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

Making a move to introduce or further expose your business, service or products with a Bus Wrap in Phoenix is a decision that you will not regret.  With the city’s labor force that totals almost 680,000 people and almost a million workers who resides within a 30-minute commute of the city, a Bus Wrap for your business is definitely going to reach your targeted audience.  Every day, whenever the bus goes on its usual routes, your advertisement on the bus is bound to catch the eyes of people who are driving, walking and even the passengers that are sitting on the other buses!

As you may already know, Phoenix is a busy city, and in order to utilize the most of the Bus Wrap, it is important that you may the right choices of the buses’ routes.  Depending on the type of business, service and products that you provide, it is best to check with the bus company on the most suitable routes for your company.  It is quite pointless to have a Bus Wrap service to the sports stadiums when you are running a fashion business – a route to the shopping complexes would be a better choice.

Everyone knows that a catchy advertisement makes lasting impressions – so make your Bus Wrap attractive and “loud”.  Bright colors play an important role and the lesser the words, the better.  Even in a traffic jam, no drivers in their cars are patient enough to read all the words on the advertisement of a bus.  The drivers are more anxious to get out of the traffic jam than to sit in their cars to read the words of an advertisement on a bus.  Keep the words short, sweet and use words that will make a great impact.

When you engage on a Bus Wrap service in Phoenix, do find out if you have exclusivity for the Bus Wrap service.  Some bus companies that provide Bus Wrap services will split the space of their buses with other advertisers.  Do bear in mind that you may have to pay a little extra for exclusivity but it will also mean greater returns for you in the near future too.  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get “wrapping”!

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