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US Coachways Lends Strong Support to Biodiesel Research and Outreach

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, May 27. 2015

With a Landmark Donation US Coachways Tops the List

Biodiesel is a renewable energy that replaces petroleum fuels with clean burning biofuels. US Coachways is strongly dedicated to supporting biodiesel and is the largest donor independent of the biodiesel industry itself, donating more than $10,000 to the National Biodiesel Foundation (NBF). US Coachways began supporting NBF through monthly contributions in 2012.


A New York based, family owned and operated bus and limousine charter company, US Coachways offers travel services nationwide. CEO Ed Telmany explains that the company's goal is not only to support the biodiesel fuel industry but also to encourage other companies in the motorcoach industry to offer their support as well. Because more people today travel by bus than any other form of transportation, it is vital that the motorcoach industry does its part to improve air quality and the condition of our environment through sustainable energy.

The research, education and outreach being done by the NBF helps expand the science involved with greenhouse gases. By quantifying the environmental and renewability benefits of biodiesel and other alternative energy fuels, their use becomes more widespread. An increasingly greater number of people recognize the impact and sustainability of biodiesel and the promising future it holds for all of us.

NBF President John Heisdorffer acknowledged US Coachways' donation, declaring it a landmark amount and thanking us profusely for our continued generous support.

You can do your part by traveling green. Statistics show that one bus potentially replaces 50 vehicles on the road, which can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 80 percent. Biodiesel run vehicles are not just the wave of the future, they are already helping save the planet.

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A Fabulous After Prom Day — Six Flags Discovery Kingdom near San Francisco

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, May 19. 2015 • Category: San Francisco

All year long, students look forward to prom. So much planning goes into this anticipated evening, including flowers, formal dresses and tuxedoes. For all the anticipation, once the night arrives, it's also quickly over. One way of making your San Francisco prom last longer is to plan an outing with friends the next day. Extending prom festivities is fast becoming an American tradition.

Planning a day trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom keeps the prom excitement going. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is Northern California’s most thrilling theme park, and if there's one thing teenagers revel in, it's a thrill.

The park’s newest thrill attraction is Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, an intense, single looping coaster where riders are seated face to face (and back to back), with no telling which direction you’re heading. Moving forward and backward, pendulum-style along the steel circular track, you find yourself soaring up one side of the loop and then dropping back down to race up the other side, before completing several 360 degree revolutions, each time, hanging upside down and experiencing ultimate hangtimes. It’s a not-to-miss attraction!

Hop onto Medusa, the longest and highest (3,937 feet) roller coaster in northern California. The ride lives up to its name of Medusa, a monster in Greek mythology with snakes instead of hair. Zoom throughout the ride looping into seven snakes of steel and fly down a vertical drop that's 128 feet. The ride is floorless, letting your feet dangle as you reach 65 miles per hour and experience 4.5 G's.

Then take a spin around the top of the world on SkyScreamer. Chairs hanging in a peaceful circle start to spin faster as you lift higher. By the time you get to the top of this stunning 150 foot-tall tower, you will be careening around the center base at 43 mph. All you’re going to feel is air, with your feet dangling in the sky and hair blowing in the wind. You will be flying boldly through the air with the trees beneath your feet!

No Prom Extravaganza Is Complete without US Coachways

A US Coachways party bus or mini bus is the perfect way to go to Six Flags. Not only is US Coachways the official partner of Six Flags, but we can also get you there safely and in style. Our luxury vehicles have amenities such as flat screen televisions, surround sound systems, fiber optic lighting, snack bars with sodas and restrooms. Parents are relieved to put the driving is in safe professional hands, and prom partying teenagers can just continue having fun.

A charter bus is an eco-friendly way to go, reducing carbon emissions by around 80 percent when replacing an estimated 50 cars on the road.

Go green, go safely and go affordably. Take advantage of our 10% discount when you book $1,000 or more through our prom special. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PROM when booking your trip.

Six Flags Over Texas Is an Ideal After-Prom Activity

Posted by Ed • Friday, May 15. 2015 • Category: Dallas

Years ago, prom was a dance at school, and afterward, high school teenagers went home. By comparison, today's proms are much more lavish and a reason to celebrate all night long, so why not keep the party going? Many teenagers plan for a fun group activity like going to the beach or an amusement park.

From a parent's perspective, sending your teenagers on a bus charter to Six Flags Over Texas is a great way to eliminate the worries of driving arrangements. This also , gives parents the satisfaction of knowing their teens are safely engaged in safe, yet thrilling activities.

Arlington, Texas, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, is home to Six Flags Over Texas. For adolescents whose pumping adrenaline and energy never wane, a thrill ride like Texas SkyScreamer will not disappoint. There is nothing quite like the thrill you will feel while circling around 400 feet in the air at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour on the tallest swing ride in the world.

Or let the wind whip between your hair as you travel an impressive 85 miles per hour on the ultimate thrill ride—Titan. With a mind-blowing 255-foot drop and a 540 degree spiral, we’d forgive you if you chose to ride this roller coaster all night.

Have you ever heard of Texas legend, Justice of the Peace Judge Roy Bean? He was a real cantankerous and eccentric man, and the ride that bears his name is no different. Judge Roy Scream was the park’s first wooden roller coaster. It is 65 foot tall and barrels along at 45 miles per hour. Built in 1980, everyone still enjoys this classic out and back wooden coaster that’s known for being a straight shooter that pulls no punches, just the way Judge Roy Bean handled justice in his courtroom.

US Coachways Is the Official Partner of Six Flags

A US Coachways mini bus or party bus may be the perfect vehicle for driving to Six Flags Over Texas. In a luxury vehicle, teenagers can watch television, eat snacks, drink sodas or bring their CDs and listen to them on the high-tech surround sound music system. A professional chauffeur assures a timely arrival without getting lost or having to deal with traffic and parking.

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For the Ultimate L.A. After Prom: a Six Flags Theme Park

Posted by Ed • Friday, May 15. 2015 • Category: Los Angeles

Often, the after prom party is equally exciting if not more exciting than the prom itself. When you live in the Los Angeles area, you have plenty of after prom options. However, the most trilling option that almost any high school student would jump at is a post-prom theme park adventure.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in Valencia, north of Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley. At this park, you will find Full Throttle, the world’s tallest looping roller coaster. In seconds, you will launch from zero to 70 miles per hour through a 160-foot loop, through a tunnel where you will stop and launch backwards – only to launch a third time up and over the top of the 160-foot loop.

New to Six Flags Magic Mountain this year is Twisted Colossus, the world’s longest hybrid coaster. Experience two lift hills, two inversions, 18 airtime hills and a high-five element on over 5,000 feet of track.

The screams don’t stop there! Don’t forget to check out Tatsu, a flying roller coaster with an utterly unique way to ride – face down. This mad twist puts you in a one-on-one stare-down with planet Earth, as you fly at speeds up to 62 miles per hour!

.Don’t want the fun to end? Consider a season pass and enjoy valuable pass holder perks, like special days when you can bring a friend for free.

US Coachways Is the Way to Go!

Hands down, the best way to arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain is riding with a group of your friends on a US Coachways charter bus. US Coachways is the Official Partner of Six Flags. Everyone can relax in a minibus or ride in a luxury party bus and drink sodas, eat snacks, watch a big screen TV or listen to your favorite CDs on a state-of-the-art surround sound system. Driving is in the hands of a professional and you don't have to fight L.A. traffic or gridlock. Knowing the driving is in safe hands is a relief to parents. And the after-prom partiers can just keep on partying.

Take advantage of the affordable prices and save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention L.A. when booking your trip.

For an After-Prom Night Thrill, Go on a Six Flags Great Adventure

Posted by Ed • Thursday, May 14. 2015 • Category: New Jersey

Prom is an exciting time of year, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and in many ways you don't want your prom to end. US Coachways is here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to end. Plan an excursion to Six Flags Great Adventure for the day after prom and keep the party spirit going!

Conveniently located in Jackson, New Jersey, close to New York City and Philadelphia, Six Flags Great Adventure opened in April and is ready to take you on thrilling rides.

If you’re craving a smooth thrilling ride, El Toro will not disappoint. “El Toro” literally means “the bull.” As you feel the power of the bull-like train you’re riding in, you’ll realize how this thriller got its name. This 19 story tall coaster is built with ultra-modern engineering techniques, giving you that classic feel with a smoother, faster, more exciting ride than those old wooden coasters ever dreamed possible.

Or hop onto Great Adventure’s Nitro, and feel like you’re cutting through the air on a tiny thread of steel. You’re going to have little time to gather up your courage, because that first hill is a staggering 230 feet high! But you won’t get to enjoy the view for long because almost immediately you’ll be thrust down a 215 ft drop. Nitro is definitely something to get hyped about.

Sky Screamer New Jersey Six Flags Great Adventure

If you are feeling daring enough, take on SkyScreamer. This thrill ride gives you an adrenaline rush like never before, from a startlingly tall 242-foot tower in a 40 mph spin around the top of the world.

Since US Coachways is the official partner of Six Flags, your ride can begin the minute you step into a luxury coach, party bus or limousine. Keeping in step with a gala prom celebration, parents have peace of mind seeing their teenager take off for Six Flags under the care of a professional chauffeur. They know that navigating traffic, finding the destination and securing parking are in safe hands.

Plan Your Six Flags Adventure Trip with US Coachways Today!

A luxury vehicle is exactly that, with flat screen televisions, surround sound systems, fiber optic lighting, and snack bars with sodas. Larger groups may want to ride in a 49 passenger coach bus.

Make the excursion affordable by booking ahead and receive a 10% discount when you book $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention the code JERSEY when booking your trip.

Washington D.C. Honors Its Graduates through Celebration Parties

Posted by Ed • Thursday, May 14. 2015 • Category: Washington DC

Graduation is the end of an important chapter in a young person's life. It signals the fulfillment of years of education and hard work. Finishing the final phases of formal education is a stepping stone for a trade, profession or career, and celebrating this accomplishment is an American tradition. Many students are graduating in Washington D.C. this spring, and like other places around the country, the nation's capitol has plenty of graduation party venues to consider.

As the setting for politicians and dignitaries, Washington D.C. offers venues with exquisite decors and gourmet menus. Reserve your private party at Urbana, which is located in center of Dupont Circle, a historic area and home to many embassies. Artisan pastas handmade at the restaurant, rich Mediterranean seasoning and savory Italian dishes crafted from fresh local ingredients, including the restaurants' rooftop herb and vegetable garden, are signature qualities of Urbana. Artistic lighting and a 1920's New York style ambiance make this venue a sophisticated setting for a graduation party. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests. Plan your evening with the catering manager and enjoy a celebration tailored to your wishes.

Take a short jaunt to Bethesda, Maryland, which is about a 25 minute drive from D.C. and still located in the Washington D.C. metro area. It's worth the trip to 4935 Bar and Kitchen, which is a Dinner's Choice 2015 Winner and private dining venue that caters to events and private parties. The cuisine is an exotic blend of American, classical French and Indian influences prepared by Chef Ashish Alfred. From the local rack of lamb with saffron infused apricot puree to the seared scallops and pomegranate glazed duck breast, you're in for a culinary adventure. Private dining room options can seat up to 170 guests.

Riding in a US Coachways party bus, luxury coach or limousine can make your celebration even more memorable. Whether partying with family or friends, a professional driver can ensure your ride is stress-free and safe, while you enjoy amenities such as a flat-screen television, surround-sound music and more. Our fleet of eco-friendly vehicles also help save the environment.

Take advantage of our 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention D.C. when booking your trip.

Create a Graduation to Remember in Atlanta, Georgia

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, May 12. 2015 • Category: Atlanta

Graduation is such a special, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether a college or high school graduation, it marks a milestone and opens the door for a promising future. Throwing a graduation party acknowledges this hard-won achievement. There are plenty of graduation party options to honor graduates in Atlanta.

For elegant surroundings and gourmet cuisine, 103 West is one of Atlanta's premiere graduation party venues. The chef will tailor a delicious menu specifically to your tastes, complete with hors d'oeuvres and a plated or buffet dinner. At its location in Buckhead on the outskirts of Atlanta, 103 West's ambiance of southern hospitality and charm is sure to please everyone. Depending on the size of your party, you can select a large party room such as the Grand Ballroom, which holds up to 220 people for dinner and dancing, or the Buckhead ballroom, which holds up to 150 people. Smaller rooms are available for up to 40 and 25 people along with luxurious dining rooms for everything in between.

For a unique, one-of-a-kind dining adventure, you can hold your graduation party at 10 Degrees South, which features South African fare. The restaurant's cuisine combines French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Indian, Mediterranean and Malaysian flavors, an exciting exploration for anyone's palate. Along with its savory and delicious food, this Cape Town inspired dining experience brings an atmosphere of an African bungalow and Safari culture. The maximum seating capacity is 200 people.

For cuisine that falls into the category of culinary artistry, Bacchanalia uses fresh organic foods, mostly grown at the restaurant owner's Anne Quatrano's and Clifford Harrison's Summerland Farms. Their award-winning cuisine is perfect for celebrating an occasion as special as graduation and they offer a small private setting (hosting up to 70 persons). You'll enjoy a five course meal that comes with two appetizer courses, an entree, a cheese and a dessert course. The seasonal ingredients make the menu innovative and tantalizing, with appetizers such as steak tartare or savory foie gras.

Arrange travel for your graduation party though US Coachways and arrive in style through a limousine, party bus or luxury coach. Chauffeured transportation is truly enjoyable and you're free from worries about driving in traffic or finding your destination.

By renting a bus charter, you also travel green, removing potentially 50 cars from the road, which cuts down on carbon emissions and helps save the environment. And it's also affordable! We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention ATLANTA when booking your trip.

Exciting Florida Family Reunion Ideas

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, May 6. 2015 • Category: Florida

Relatives love to head to Florida, the Sunshine State, which is a popular location for family reunions.

Families are made up of members with contrasting personalities and interests. One of the challenges in planning a family reunion is finding accommodations and activities that are diverse enough to make everyone happy. One solution is to allow people to go their own ways but have a picnic or banquet planned where the whole family gathers at designated times. Tampa is a great family reunion destination that offers something for everyone.

If you love the outdoors and are trying to keep your family reunion economical, camping at a state park may be the way to go. Choosing a park that is close enough to a large city enables those who aren’t the outdoors type to also find comfortable accommodations. This type of compromise satisfies family members who enjoy camping while at the same time placating those who don’t want to “rough” it.

Hillsborough River State Park is close to Tampa and provides ample opportunities for wildlife viewing, hiking, swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. You can also rent bicycles or golf carts. You can picnic, choosing one of seven available pavilions. There are also two playgrounds, one near the picnic areas and one near the swimming pool.

For those family members whose idea of vacation is more like relaxing on a beach or lying by a hotel pool, Coconut Cove All-Suite Resort may be more up your alley. Suites include two queen sized or king sized beds, a kitchen and dining room area, along with a living room area containing a full-size sleeper sofa, lounge chair and flat screen television. The pool area has beautiful cascading water falls, tiki huts and lounge chairs. A semi-private beach provides cabana service with food and beverages and live entertainment in the evenings at the Tropix Tiki Bar.

A good way to bring a family together is to rent a bus and pick up relatives along the way. US Coachways provides mini buses, party buses and luxury coaches that make the drive truly enjoyable. Bus charter allows everyone to travel together, providing time to chat and catch up on what happened since the last reunion. You have no worries about battling traffic, getting lost or arriving at different times. You can also do your part to save the environment because bus travel is eco-friendly, with research showing that a bus replaces about 50 cars on the road, which reduces carbon emissions by as much as 80 percent.

Charter buses are also affordable, and if you book now, you can take advantage of our 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and ask about the Florida Spring Break Adventure package when booking your trip.

Family Reunion Fun in the Sun at Myrtle Beach

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, May 6. 2015 • Category: Leisures & Pleasures

Late spring or early summer is an ideal time for a family reunion because the weather is warm, children are out of school and families can get away. Myrtle Beach has beautiful beach front hotels and condos for holding family reunions.

Somewhat secluded compared to other resorts, the Caribbean Resort & Villas is on a quiet stretch of beach, away from the bustle of the city, yet close enough for easy access. At Cayman Towers, stay in your own two or four bedroom condo, situated around a water park. If you prefer, opt for an oceanfront view. Children love the 60 foot tube slide and sections of pool that divide into two lazy rivers. The arcade game room is wonderful for kids over the age of four and provides traditional games like checkers and chess or air hockey, shuffle board, a car racing game, a claw toy machine and more. Children can also take part in exciting activities including tie-dying shirts, relay races and scavenger hunts.

Compass Cove Resort is another popular family reunion destination, offering plenty of selection with more than 530 luxury rooms, suites and condos. The resort is right on the ocean, and in addition to the beachfront property, it has 22 pools and three lazy rivers. Activities for children are different each day with things to do such as cupcake decorating, arts and crafts and shark tooth hunts, to name a few. You can also play giant chess games and checkers where you actually walk on the game board and move your large game pieces from square to square. Take in a game of shuffleboard or drop into the game room, which has pinball and classic arcade games. There is a fitness center and business center, complete with computer work stations with printing capabilities for parents who need to stay in touch with the office.

If you want a larger space for family members, Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals also has ocean front rentals. A beach house or condo provides lots of room. A channel home or beach cottage can be your home-away-from-home for a week of family reunion vacation.

It’s wise to make your plans now while plenty of options are still available. A wonderful way to arrive in Myrtle Beach is through a US Coachways bus charter. Everyone riding on a charter bus, party bus or luxury coach complements the reunion concept and reason for bringing family members together. Chat with relatives, catch up on the news or reminisce about old times while riding in comfort, in the safe hands of a professional chauffeur. Our buses are also eco-friendly, replacing up to an estimated 50 cars on the road, which reduces carbon emissions by about 80 percent.

Take advantage of our 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention OCEAN when booking your trip.

Options Abound in New York’s Adirondacks for a Family Reunion

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, May 6. 2015 • Category: New York

If you live in the New York City metro area and are planning a family reunion, you have an abundance of options for a getaway in the Adirondacks.

One option is to head out of the city on a bus charter to a beautiful resort area in Upper New York. Whiteface Lodge, located on Lake Placid in Adirondack Park, is a mountain haven that surrounds you with natural beauty. Adirondack Park spans six million acres and is a recreation area where you can enjoy fishing, bowling, canoeing, working out in a fitness center or relaxing in a spa with hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. The lodge also has tennis courts and a game room where you can play pool, shuffleboard and more. Friday and Saturday nights there is live music to entertain you. Or, visit the lodge's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and reminisce with family about favorite pastimes.

Ampersand Bay Resort & Boat Club is another exciting spot for family reunions. Families enjoy staying in rustic cottages and cabins or a luxury suite on Lower Saranac Lake. You have free use of canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and pedal boats. Or, you can also rent a boat and venture out onto the fresh clear lake waters. Fishing is great off the dock and there is a beach area for swimming and a volley ball beach court. The BBQ pit is perfect for a family picnic and sitting around a campfire at night provides an opportunity to create fond memories.

While visiting the Olympic Village in Lake Placid, you can stay at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Spend time relaxing on a private, white sand beach, and enjoy the free use of rowboats, canoes and kayaks on Mirror Lake. Other amenities include a heated pool, steam bath, whirlpools and the health club. Families with children will love the kids’ activities program, which offers daily arts and crafts, games and contests and also a kids’ night with a pizza party and movies, exclusively for kids only.

Now is the time to start planning your family reunion, and the best way to travel upstate is to rent a mini bus, party bus, or luxury coach. You can pick up relatives along the way, visit with family and ride in comfort, knowing the driving is in safe hands.

US Coachways provides eco-friendly vehicles. You can also do your part to save the environment. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention NEW YORK when booking your trip.

Commemorate Your Graduation Milestone in Philadelphia

Posted by Ed • Friday, April 24. 2015 • Category: Philadelphia

Graduations are turning points in our lives. Years of hard work culminate in the promise of bright futures, and this is why graduations are such special events. Ever so appropriate in today's world, graduation parties have become traditional celebrations. Philadelphia offers exciting venues for planning your graduation party.

Fogo De Chão

Just as graduation signals a new chapter in life, Fogo De Chão offers you a new adventure in dining. This world class venue lets you experience the rich heritage of churrasco, the best of Brazilian cuisine. Churrasco is a special way of grilling meats, typical of Brazilian cattle ranches. The Fogo De Chão founders who grew up in the mountainous countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil went to Rio and São Paulo to receive formal churrasqueiro training. They established their first restaurant in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1979, but the concept quickly caught on, and between 1997 and 2013, they opened 29 new restaurants throughout Brazil and the United States. Their culinary team continues to develop innovative dishes based on the churrasco experience, including new seafood cuisine. Take the leap and make your graduation party an international adventure.

North Bowl

Another fun idea for a graduation celebration is to hold your party at North Bowl, a venue which prides itself on being "strikingly different." North Bowl, voted "Best of Philly" hosts private events in a stylish, spacious, but also comfortable setting. The resident chef Todd Goldsmith provides guests with hand crafted dishes created from local produce with appetizers such as fried calamari with coconut curry sauce, homemade hummus, and main dishes such as Mediterranean lamb skewers and grilled hanger steak. Aside from enjoying the delicious food, you can bowl, shoot pool, play arcade games or enjoy your privacy in the top level lounging area of this Philadelphia nightlife haven.

World Cafe Live

World Cafe Live is another innovative venue for graduation parties and is a favorite location among music artists for live entertainment and filming music videos. It also hosts weddings, conferences and other gala events. Staff event planners work with you to create the details of your graduation party, and available rooms to chose from are the cafe, the restaurant that seats 100 people or the spectacular music hall that seats 300. Full kitchens on both levels are staffed with banquet chefs and a bar crew that provides excellent service.

Travel in Luxury

Go all out reserve a US Coachways party bus or limousine and arrive at your graduation party in style. A chartered vehicle is an eco-friendly choice because one bus can replace 50 cars on the road, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 80 percent. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PHILADELPHIA when booking your trip.

Toss Your Graduation Caps in Baltimore and Celebrate!

Posted by Ed • Thursday, April 23. 2015 • Category: Baltimore

Baltimore graduates are getting ready to toss their caps in celebration of their academic accomplishments. As they do, many participate in graduation parties to commemorate the special moment.

Climbing into a party bus with friends to drive to an exciting venue for fine dining is a favorite celebration choice for many graduates. Luna Del Sea Steak & Seafood Bistro is a popular spot, situated a few blocks from the Inner Harbor. It serves fresh seafood from local fisheries, grass fed beef and poultry and organic vegetables and produce from local farmers and markets. Prime steaks and burgers are all prepared using Certified Angus Beef and grilled to perfection to suit your taste. You have a variety of ambiances to choose from, including a casual outdoor patio, an exquisite white tablecloth dining room or a beautiful ballroom. Full ballrooms are generally used for large parties, gatherings or social events.

Tabrizi's is another favorite dining experience at its location in the heart of the Baltimore Harborview community. The restaurant's patio overlooks the waterfront and offers unique dishes, including Greek, Moroccan, French and Lebanese cuisine. The owner, Michael Tabrizi has been in the food and beverage industry since 1989 and restaurants are his passion. The restaurant can accommodate up to 230 guests for a formal sit-down dinner. It has banquet tables, a dance floor and area for a band or DJ. An event coordinator can assist free of charge with planning the details of your party.

Quite possibly no venue is more classically Baltimore than the Lord Baltimore Hotel, established in 1928 and situated on West Baltimore Street. The hotel provides a truly elegant atmosphere for large events and also private parties. All hotel catering is in the hands of The Classic Catering People, who are well known throughout Baltimore and Washington D.C. as the exclusive caterers for the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp. They are also known for catering three presidential inaugurations and for media professionals gathering on the White House lawn. If you have a small party, you would enjoy dining in the hotel restaurant, the historic Versailles Room, which specializes in French bistro fare, prepared by the Chef de Cuisines Zeke Altenbernd and his culinary team.

U.S. Coachways provides limousines, party buses and charter buses for groups celebrating graduation. Let a professional driver deal with traffic, directions and parking, so you can enjoy the ride. All our buses are eco-friendly and estimates show that one bus can take the place of about 50 cars, which reduces carbon emissions by approximately 80 percent. Help preserve the environment. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention BALTIMORE when booking your trip.

Celebrate an Unforgettable Graduation in Chicago

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, April 21. 2015 • Category: Chicago

Students study hard, and graduation is no small accomplishment. To recognize such once-in-a-lifetime occasions, celebrations are certainly in order. With graduations just around the corner, whether for high school or college, now is the time to start planning your big celebration. Students graduating in the Chicago area, have a variety of party venues available.

You can go all out and take a riverboat cruise on a private yacht. Chicago's First Lady fleet has different size yachts available and schedules evening cruises with your choice of yacht and caterer to create your own special menu. Dine and cruise down the lake or river surrounded by the yacht's elegant decor of mahogany and brass tones and enjoy the scenic views.

Perhaps you're looking for a fine dining experience in downtown Chicago. The Bedford is an upscale restaurant located in the middle of Wicker Park. Situated in a historic former bank building that was modified into a restaurant, The Bedford is elegant, unique and classy. The restaurant has multiple rooms available for private events and a professional restaurant staff who help you enjoy the occasion by providing acclaimed cuisine and excellent service.

Benny's Chop House is another world class restaurant that caters to private parties. The staff coordinates event details and will customize your menu to meet your specific preferences. The West Dining Room accommodates up to 50 seated guests. The restaurant lives up to its name by offering many varieties of steak from filets and T-bones to New York Strip steaks along with pork chops, lamb chops and seafood, including lobster, scallops and King crab legs.

You can arrange a completely private venue at Blackbird. The Blackbird's private dining room. created by Demian Repucci has its own dedicated kitchen and restrooms along with a separate entrance. The setting offers a sophisticated ambiance and elegant dining experience with careful attention going into every exquisite detail, adapting floor plans to individual group needs and providing you with unique dining menus from Chef de Cuisine Perry Hendrix and Chef David Posey.

Whatever venue you choose to celebrate a graduation, US Coachways can help you arrive in style through a party bus or limousine. Party buses are luxury vehicles with features such as LCD televisions, surround sound, leather seating, restrooms and fiber optic lighting. All our vehicles are eco-friendly, which means, you can also do your part to help save the environment. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention CHICAGO when booking your trip.

Create a Memorable Family Reunion in Virginia Beach

Posted by Ed • Thursday, April 16. 2015 • Category: Virginia

Trying to get the whole family together for a holiday often proves difficult, which is why many families have family reunions. US Coachways can help you connect with family members in Virginia Beach, which is a wonderful family friendly setting for a reunion.

Virginia's State Parks are a favorite location for many family reunions, offering camping sites, six-bedroom lodges and three-bedroom cabins with front or back porches and other amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, heating/air conditioning and easy access to recreational facilities. First Landing State Park is located right on Virginia Beach, marking the 1607 landing spot of English colonists. State parks offer a wide selection of activities for everyone in the family, whether you want to relax and reminiscence or go swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, bicycle riding, visit historical exhibits, hike or have a picnic in a pavilion.

Aside from the State Park, Virginia Beach also has plenty of entertaining attractions. You can play tennis, golf or even go shopping. Kids love the beach where they can build sandcastles or play beach volleyball. You can ride on a surrey bicycle that has as many as six seats and peddle down the Boardwalk. You can sail on the Rudee Flipper and choose from various tours, including Dolphin Watching and the Sunset Cruise. Sit back and enjoy the seashore and harbor view while snacking and sipping on a drink from the boat's full bar. A trained marine specialist is aboard to point out interesting facts as you sight dolphins or whales. Another sailing option is to hop aboard Virginia's Jewel, a yacht that takes you on a dinner cruise for several hours, so you can dine and enjoy live entertainment.

Plan your family reunion ahead of time and survey family members to see what types of activities they would enjoy. You can arrange travel connections through US Coachways. Charter a bus and organize the whole event. Why waste opportunities to visit when you can ride comfortably together and leave the traffic and driving to a professional? Our fleet of vehicles at US Coachways are eco-friendly, cutting down on carbon emissions in an effort to help save the environment. Plus, you'll find it is an affordable way to travel and can take advantage of our 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention Virginia when booking your trip.

Meet Me in St. Louis for a Family Reunion

Posted by Ed • Thursday, April 16. 2015 • Category: Saint Louis

Family members are all ages, and planning a reunion that is enjoyable for everyone can be challenging. As the Gateway City, St. Louis is a location that offers variety, and in that sense, there are diverse activities to satisfy the desires of different family members, such as fine dining, live music, theatre, modern art, outdoor activities, interaction with animals and also nightlife entertainment.

Perhaps the most difficult obstacle in getting families together lies in planning the reunion details. The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission offers a Reunion Planner Workbook that is full of great tips to give you a head start on pulling off a memorable family reunion.

Here are some highlights of the workbook and guidelines you can follow:

  • Plan group activities but also allow time for independent activities, so family members can explore their own particular preferences in St. Louis.
  • Use social media to get input and coordinate your planning.
  • Research accommodations for group rates by submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to various hotels and venues that handle reunions of your size. You can do this by email. (The handbook contains an RFP form you can use.)
  • Picnics or cookouts are good types of group activities, and St. Louis has a number of parks listed in the handbook that you can review and decide on according to park size and available activities. Many parks have fishing, swimming, sports, hiking, playgrounds, and picnic shelters or sites. You can also find out whether you need a park permit for your reunion functions. Larger parks sometimes offer historical activities, exhibits, concerts and special events.
  • Devise an overall budget for the reunion and divide the costs among participating family members. You may want to consider financing the reunion through fund-raising activities, such as bake sales, raffles, auctions or other ways to earn money. Get deposits from family members ahead of time, which also helps you confirm who will be coming to the reunion.

Family reunions can be loosely or very specifically planned down to T-shirts and seating placards at a family banquet.

As you make your plans, consider transportation and the option of picking up family members while traveling to the reunion site. Relax and ride in comfort on a charter bus. Take advantage of your travel time by visiting with family members and catching up on family news. Our fleet of vehicles are eco-friendly and cut down on carbon emissions to help save the environment. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention SAINT LOUIS when booking your trip.