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Los Angeles Displays Light Up The Nights For The Holidays

Posted by Ed • Thursday, December 4. 2014 • Category: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is well known for being big on everything - from the highways to the movie stars and even the beaches, there’s very little about the City of Angels that would be considered small. That’s no different during the holidays for festive light displays around Los Angeles. We picked some of the outstanding light displays featured on Red Tricycle and are making sure they are on your list of places to check out.


The Los Angeles Zoo lights are back in action this year for the first time since 2009, and there are enough lights along with the animals to even make Clark Griswold jealous. Even though the animals will be asleep, each night from 6 to 10, the zoo will light up into an incredible winter jungle display filled with interactive events for children and the inner children in adults. In addition to a nearly unbeatable display, Santa will be at the zoo, and reindeer will be there, too. In fact, the Los Angeles Zoo will be the only place is L.A. this year where reindeer will be, so make sure you and your kids stop by to see if reindeer really know how to fly.

If you like to incorporate the beach into your holiday plans, you’re in luck because the canals of Naples in Long Beach can combine beach and holiday into the perfect evening out. Christmas trees and lights line the canals and private homes, and on December 13th, there’s even a floating Christmas parade in the canals. It’s truly an experience you won’t find many places outside of California. Plus, there are tons of walkways along the canals, so you can get out of your car and not have to worry about traffic.

If you’re up for a little drive, head north of Los Angeles to Reseda, California, very close to the Van Nuys airport. In the 7300 block of Yolanda Avenue, you will find the Yolanda Lights. The neighbors along Yolanda spend each year putting up tunnels of lights along their sidewalks, which make a winter wonderland in the middle of an urban area. Residents say it brought them closer together, so they are hoping to bring everyone in L.A. closer together by sharing in their Christmas tradition. The tunnels of lights line sidewalks on both sides of Yolanda Avenue, making for an experience no one will soon forget.

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Family Fun On The Ski Slopes Of America

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, December 3. 2014 • Category: Family Travel

The holidays are known for a lot of things from cookies and ornaments to family fun and trips to Grandma's house. But one thing a lot of families share in common around the holidays is the excitement surround a family ski trip. Whether you prefer the slopes of Montana, Maine or Minnesota, there are plenty of great options across America for you and your family when it comes to fun in the winter sun. We consulted Family Ski Hub to pick out some of our favorite spots for family ski trips.


Our first favorite spot is all about Big Sky country in Montana. In fact, it’s the Big Sky Resort. Big Sky is known for nearly 6,000 acres of ski areas, reliable snow and enough trails to keep the novices and the pros in your family happy for hours and days. For the kids who haven’t skied before, Big Sky has one of the best ski schools in the country and a kids club that goes “after hours” for those parents who need a little fondue apres ski. Big Sky is one of the friendliest resorts in the Rockies and is just an hour from Bozeman. It’s even close to Yellowstone for those who need a National Park excursion.

Perhaps you live in Northeast and need something a little different than the crowded slopes of New Hampshire and Vermont. That’s where our second family ski stop of Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Maine comes into play. Sugarloaf heralds itself as the premier ski resort of the Northeast and is just a four hour drive from the Boston metro area. Sugarloaf gives off the feel of a small Swiss ski village and has everything you need at the resort, so once you get your lift tickets, you never have to leave! Until it’s time to go home, at least. Sugarloaf has tons of family ski events - and if you’re lucky, you and your kids might ever see a moose!

If you’re in the Midwest, you might think you have to go far East or West to take an alpine or nordic adventure, but that’s not true. Just two hours away from Duluth, Minnesota are the Lutsen Mountains. The ski area is well-known for not being crowded because of its remote location, but that means you and your kids can have free reign of the trails without worrying about someone running you over. Plus, there are unbeatable views of Lake Superior while you’re skiing to make it feel like you’ve stepped right into the Austrian Alps - without even leaving the states.

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(Video) US Coachways Talks To Santa's Head Elf About Holiday Festivities And Letters To Santa

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, December 2. 2014 • Category: Holiday Travel

You probably know all the Christmas stories about how elves help Santa Claus in his workshop during the holidays. As it turns out, the stories are true - in Santa Claus, Indiana, at least. It took a little holiday magic, but through the power of video and the internet, US Coachways spokesperson Valerie Jennings tracked down Santa’s Chief Elf, Mrs. Pat Koch, not far from Santa’s workshop in the Midwest. Mrs. Koch filled Valerie in on what Santa and the elves are doing to keep busy in the weeks before Christmas.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.03.13 PM.png

In addition to helping Santa make sure he gets every child’s list through the season, the Elves are also the ones who respond to letters to Santa. There are dozens of elves who spend each day responding to the over 15,000 letters Santa receives at his Indiana workshop each year. Mrs. Koch definitely has some experience with Santa Claus, too - her father was one of Santa Claus, Indiana’s original Santas during World War I, and she remembers spending Christmases in rural Indiana singing German Christmas Carols at church, so the Christmas spirit is something Mrs. Koch has always had with her.

Mrs. Koch wants kids to know they can come visit Santa often in Indiana during the weeks leading up to Christmas, and if you can’t make it there, your kids can send Santa a letter. Mrs. Koch said it’s hard for kids to get on the naughty list these days, so it’s a safe bet kids are going to have a Merry Christmas as long as Santa is involved.

If you’d like to help your child write a letter to Santa, please use the address below:

Santa Claus

PO Box 1

Santa Claus, IN 47579

Even if you can’t make it to Santa’s workshop this holiday season, you can still be filled with festivity thanks to US Coachways’ Day Away Trip Discount. Save up to 10% on your charter bus booking to get your family to the perfect holiday destination. Book with us online or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633. Don’t forget to use promo code DAYAWAY to get your discount because everyone is on the US Coachways nice list this year.

US Coachways #DrivenToStopHunger Now With Stop Hunger Now Charity Partnership

Posted by Ed • Monday, December 1. 2014 • Category: US Coachways News

Giving Tuesday is the day each year when charities and businesses alike ask people to donate money to help those who need it most during the holiday season. This year, US Coachways is driven to stop hunger and has partnered with Stop Hunger Now to raise awareness for the problem of worldwide hunger. While US Coachways is asking you to help this cause by donating on Giving Tuesday, we are expanding our partnership to last much longer.


Stop Hunger Now has been working for more than 15 years to provide food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable areas. Since the organization started, more than 150,000,000 meals have been distributed along with medical aid to 65 countries around the world. These donations have impacted millions of lives. Stop Hunger Now’s principle is simple: to end hunger in our lifetime by providing the resources necessary to those areas that need it. Rod Brooks, president and CEO of Stop Hunger Now, said, “We want everyone to know that hunger is solvable and is a common thread among some of the world’s biggest issues. When hunger is targeted, leverage and hope are given to other issues including poverty, disease, education and welfare of women and children.”

Ed Telmany, CEO of US Coachways, said, “We are very pleased to support Stop Hunger Now in its efforts to end hunger worldwide and are excited to launch this campaign. Giving back to the community is important to US Coachways. We’re proud to do our small part to help Stop Hunger Now make a lasting difference in lives around the world.”

Donations to Stop Hunger Now are tax-deductible and support the costs of expanding Stop Hunger Now, enabling Stop Hunger Now to substantially increase the number of meals produced each year. If you would like to help support Stop Hunger Now, please click here.

As US Coachways is driven to stop hunger, we’d like to encourage you to be driven to do the same. Each week through the end of the year, US Coachways Facebook fans will have a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card by donating at least $100 to Stop Hunger Now and liking and commenting on the weekly campaign post on Facebook. Only one winner will be chosen each week. Those who donate $1,000 or more to Stop Hunger Now will also receive a $200 bus or limo rental credit from US Coachways in addition to being able to enter the Facebook contest. Please visit our Facebook page for more information and to enter.

How To Make Your Office Holiday Party Memorable For All The Right Reasons

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, November 26. 2014 • Category: Parties

As the boss or person put in charge of planning the office holiday party, you might be feeling very stressed about making sure the party is memorable and leaves employees wanting to come back again next year. You might be sitting there remembering holiday parties of years past and thinking to yourself, “I wouldn’t have even wanted to go to that party, so why did I make my employees go?” That’s why you have to make some simple adjustments, think about what’s presently going on and clear your mind of any ideas of what an office holiday party should look like.


Allison Powers, event coordinator at Eschelon Experiences in Raleigh, North Carolina provided some great tips on how to make sure your office holiday party is memorable for all the right reasons:

Theme, theme, theme - Once you’ve selected a theme, be it Santa’s Workshop, Naughty Elves or The Twelve Days of Christmas, stick with it and make sure it’s incorporated throughout the evening. Allow your employees to be freed from having to find the best evening gown on the Neiman Marcus sale rack and let them dress up to go along with the theme. A theme can also lead to fun activities during the party including games and contests and what the DJ is playing for music.

Incorporate social media - Once you’ve settled on a theme, make sure your invitations or emails leading up to the company party are using hash tags to describe the party. You can also incorporate an Instagram or Facebook account set up exclusively for the party so that your employees can hash tag photos or upload them to share them with other co-workers. Open it up to make your employees feel like they are part of the experience. This will also help eliminate fears of them being watched for “unprofessional” or “unbecoming” behavior. Let them know the party is about fun and fellowship, not just being on the clock for a party they are forced to be at.

Plan ahead - Determine exactly what your party budget is going to be and how much you are going to spend per employee. Sure, some won’t drink and some won’t eat, but other employees will surely eat the leftovers or pick up an extra drink or two. Make sure your employees know what the plans are for food and drink so they can plan ahead in case they are expecting to drink and eat until their hearts are content. It’s not inappropriate as long as communication is clear between you, the party planner and your employees. As long as everyone knows what expectations are, you won’t have any issues once the party is nearing its closing hours.

Transportation - If your party is a long way away from the usual office, or you know your employees will want to carpool, have an option for them. Charter a party bus, limo or sprinter to have your employees picked up at a centralized location, like the office, and taken to the party. They can then be taken back to the office after the party to go home. US Coachways can help make sure your employees arrive safely and festively at your company party. Check out our White Elephant Special for up to a 10% discount on your office holiday party booking. Or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633 to request a quote. Make sure to mention promo code ELEPHANT.

While there are many ways to make an office holiday party truly memorable, if you follow some of Allison’s tips, you’re sure to be on the right path to success. You might even have people asking for more office get togethers during the year.

(Video) The Search For Santa Claus Goes To Indiana: Why St. Nick Is Making The Midwest His Home Ground Instead Of The North Pole

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, November 26. 2014 • Category: Holiday Travel

US Coachways Spokesperson Valerie Jennings recently found Santa Claus, but he wasn't at the North Pole - he was much further south in Southern Indiana. Santa has been making his home in Santa Claus, Indiana for the past several years and has been making sure kids of all ages are put in the holiday spirit with many weeks of activities. Valerie spoke with Santa via video over the internet to find out more about Santa’s holiday plans:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.18.23 AM.png

Santa and his elves will be hosting several dinners, a parade, chestnut roasting events and about anything and everything you can think of related to the holidays through the first few weeks of December. You and your kids can also visit the Santa Claus museum, see reindeer and write letters to Santa, which will be replied to by elves. Santa said the most requested item this year is a Lalaloopsy doll, so if your kids are asking for those, make sure you get to the store A.S.A.P.!

Santa also wants your kids to know that he’s done away with the naughty list. Everyone is on the nice list this year, though there are several degrees to Santa’s nice list now, which doesn’t mean everyone is equal.

Make sure to check out the video above for more from Santa and to find out what kinds of cookies he likes best (hint: no raisins). And if you want to load up family and friends to set out for Santa Claus, Indiana, make sure to use our Day Away Trip Discount. Save up to 10% on your charter bus booking to get your kids to see Santa in the midst of his holiday festivities. Book with us online or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633. Don’t forget to use promo code DAYAWAY to get your discount because everyone is on the US Coachways nice list this year.

(Video) Holiday Office Party Tips From Philadelphia Area Catering Expert

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, November 25. 2014 • Category: Philadelphia

It's that time of year again: office holiday parties. You and your co-workers might fear the annual party - mainly because you remember what happened with the receptionist last year. That's why you want your office party to be remembered for something other than who drank the most eggnog: the food! Valerie Jennings, US Coachways spokesperson, chatted via video over the internet, with Marianne Gere, owner of ConshyGirls Catering to find out more about what makes a successful office holiday party:

Marianne owns several restaurants in the Philadelphia suburb of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and also runs a very successful catering business that has a lot of experience in office parties. Some of Marianne’s tips include changing up the venue, having a variety of menu options and making sure the party is fun and not entirely a business occasion. Marianne also recommends coming up with a memorable theme for your office party. For instance, if you want to do a Southern theme, make sure the food, cocktails and music are all consistent with the theme you want to convey.

Make sure to watch the video above for tons of awesome office holiday party tips from Marianne Gere, and if you’re looking for amazing transportation to and from your party, look no further than US Coachways. Make sure to check out our Festive Philly Discount so none of your co-workers are left with the dud gift. Get up to a 10% discount on a charter or party bus or limo to and from your office party. Book online or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633. Make sure to mention promo code FESTIVE!

Hit The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Hot Spots Like A Los Angeles Celebrity

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, November 25. 2014 • Category: Los Angeles

Who doesn't want to live a life of diamonds and rose in Los Angeles like Lisa Vanderpump? Maybe you'd rather shop all day on Rodeo Drive like Kyle Richards? Or maybe you want to feel like you're actually in Genoa City, Wisconsin with Eileen Davidson on the set of The Young and the Restless? Whatever your ultimate Beverly Hills fantasy is, you can make it come true, and you won't even need reality cameras following you around. We've pulled some hot spots the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hang out and frequent, so all you'll need is the limo and a driver, which we can definitely help you out with.


CBS Television City is where many of your favorite shows are taped daily; The Price is Right has been there for years, Dancing with the Stars foxtrots its way live into homes weekly there and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Eileen Davidson has spent many an hour on set of The Young and the Restless as the infamous Ashley Abbott. You can get tickets to see many shows live and there are many charity auctions every year for tours of the sets of your favorite shows. While The Young and the Restless tapings are typically closed to the public, you can still get a chance glimpse of soap stars while you’re waiting for your chance to play Plinko during a live taping of The Price is Right.

If shopping is what you’re looking for, Rodeo Drive, Brighton Way and Wilshire Drive are the places to be. Make sure you’ve got high credit limits, though, because you know these boutiques and designer stores aren’t going to come cheap. Rodeo Drive is where the stars go, and you chances of seeing Real Housewife Kyle Richards go up if you visit her store, Kyle By Alene Too, at the corner of Brighton Way and Bedford Drive. The store features tons of designer duds, accessories, candles and much more to give all your friends and family after your venture to one of LA’s most famous shopping districts.

After a full day of studio tours and shopping, you’ll probably be ready for a night highlighted by a fabulous dinner and cocktail or two. Near the intersection of Robertson Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, you can find both at Sur Restaurant and Bar, one of Lisa Vanderpump’s three restaurants in Beverly Hills. The restaurant is heavily featured on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and also on Vanderpump Rules, a spinoff show. In addition to seeing the cast of both shows, you can also fill up on cocktails and food rated among the best in Beverly Hills. Plus you can pick up souvenirs to take home and make your friends jealous that you lived it up like your last name was Vanderpump.

While the chances of you seeing a celebrity in Beverly Hills are always high, you can fool the paparazzi into thinking you’re a celebrity with a limo rental from US Coachways. We can get you to every Housewife hot spot in style, and you can step out with your sunglasses on and pretend not to be bothered when the flashes of cameras are going off in your direction. Use our Hollywood Getaway Special to save up to 10% on your limo rental deal. Or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633. Don’t forget to use promo code L.A.

The Best College Basketball Arenas In America

Posted by Ed • Friday, November 21. 2014 • Category: Sports

As football season winds down, basketball season is just starting to tip off across the country. From coast to coast, Pac-12 to ACC, fans and students alike are starting to flock to arenas on college campuses to take in a game in one of college’s most unpredictable sports. From week to week, game to game, you never know when a spark might hit a team and start a fiery streak to cause an upset. Athlon Sports selected the top places in the nation to cheer on a team from half court, the student section or anywhere inside. We’ve helped you out by picking some of the do-not-miss arenas to visit this basketball season.


If you travel a lot from Dallas in the heart of Big 12 country, you can’t start a list of the greatest college basketball venues without starting with Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. If you’ve never been to a game at what Jayhawk fans lovingly refer to as “The Phog,” you haven’t experienced true basketball fandom. Inside, there isn’t a seat high or low that doesn’t seem like it’s directly on the court, and when fans start the Jayhawk chant of “Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU,” it’s almost eerie. If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket to Allen Fieldhouse, you’re in for a treat. But don’t expect for the tickets to come cheap. Die hard fans can’t even get a ticket to an exhibition game without shelling out a few hundred dollars. Kansas is one of the winningest basketball programs in the NCAA, and with a Big 12 championship streak of 10 years in a row, it’s easy to see why fans go all out inside The Phog.

Or if you’re in Atlanta and like to see ACC games in action, you can’t have a list of great basketball venues without mentioning NCAA powerhouse Duke. Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina has long been considered one of the toughest places to play a game - and it has also been the home of several huge ACC showdown games between Duke and North Carolina, NC State, Syracuse or any other ACC foe. If it tells you anything about how a home crowd can sway the results of a game: in the history of games at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke has won 800 and only lost 153. That’s an 84% winning percentage. Plus, Cameron Indoor doesn’t hold as many fans as other large venues, so 9,000 fans are in close quarters to cheer on the Blue Devils and legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Or maybe you’re a Mountain West fan in San Diego and travel a lot to cheer on the Aztecs. Outside of the big conferences and places you might expect to see listed, The Pit at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque also reigns as one of the best college basketball arenas in the country. The Pit is called that because the court sits 37 feet below street level. So when you enter the building, you enter on the upper tiers and have to walk down stairs to get to seats close to the court. Since The Pit opened, it has consistently piled in the fans with one of the best sell-out percentages in college basketball. It’s also noted as one of the loudest places to play as Lobo fans create echoes and a highly distracting environment for teams not used to playing there. New Mexico is also an intimidating place to play due to its altitude, as players not used to the over mile-high elevation complaining of light headedness and inability to play their best.

These are just a few of the great spots to catch a basketball game this season, and we are sure you have your favorite arena we didn’t mention. To help get you to your favorite venue this season, we’ve created the Starting Lineup Special. Check out the special online or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633. Don’t forget to use or mention promo code SPORTS to receive up to 10% off your charter bus or limo rental to your favorite sporting event.

The Best Airports For Layovers Or Travel When Your Stomach Is Growling

Posted by Ed • Thursday, November 20. 2014 • Category: Airports

The holiday season is here, and as we all know, the next few months incorporate some of the busiest travel days of the year. That means hundreds of thousands of people will be spending some time in the many airports of America - hopefully without long layovers. But if you’re at a major airport for an extended period of time, and don’t mind paying airport prices, Thrillist has come up with some of the hot spots at airports for foodies. We’ve selected some of our favorites to help you get through holiday travel with a good food story or two to tell.


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport can certainly be a hassle if you have a short connection and your gate is at the complete opposite end of a different terminal. But if you have time, the food at DFW reigns supreme, according to Thrillist. That’s because in addition to standard food court fare, the airport has several barbecue and Mexican restaurants, countless bars and a Pappadeaux. If you haven’t been to Pappadeaux before, it’s a Texas-based seafood and cajun restaurants that is absolutely delicious. The DFW location is even ranked 20th out of all Dallas restaurants on Trip Advisor (there are over 3,000 ranked), so you know it has to be good.

If you’re stuck in the Philadelphia International Airport for a while (as many of us have been before), don’t miss out on a Philly Cheesesteak at the city’s famous Tony Luke’s, which just happens to have an airport location. Tony Luke’s is famous among Philadelphia residents and visitors alike for having the best cheesesteak to represent the City of Brotherly Love’s most famous food. And if you want something a little unique to go with your cheesesteak, head over to Chickie and Pete’s for a side of crab fries. Just make sure to have a breath mint or bottle of Binaca afterward...unless you want to be unpopular with other passengers in your row. Or for something completely different, try out Sky Asian Bistro which features an array of Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes plus a wine menu sure to please any palate.

Or on the off chance you’re spending time in the Miami International Airport (shouldn’t you be at the beach?), there are plenty of international dining options for travelers without requiring a passport. You can start with a cubano or delicious ham and cheese croquettes at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe, which is owned by music superstar Gloria Estefan. If you want something a little more American, test out Shula Burger, owned by legendary former Miami Dolphins head coach, Don Shula. We highly recommend the French Onion burger - it’s like the soup in burger form and oh, so delicious. There’s also Beaudevin, a wine and cheese bar just like the one in the Brussels airport. It’s a fantasia of Belgian cuisine in a Floridian setting that will make you feel like you’re anywhere but an airport terminal.

If you have a family member traveling to see you this holiday season, have them pick you up something to go at one of the airports we mentioned, and help them get to your house with our Hassle Free Holiday Discount. Check out the special on our site or call 1-800-272-0633 to get a quote now. Mention promo code HOLIDAYPICKUP online or on the phone to save up to 10% on your charter bus or limo to get your family members to or from the airport in style this holiday season.

Reno, Nevada Offers Santa Surprises, But Leave The Kids At Home For This Holiday Hoopla

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, November 19. 2014 • Category: Nevada

For the 14th year in a row, Reno, Nevada is raising money for Reno schools with its annual Santa Pub Crawl. On December 13th, The Biggest Little City in the World expects to have over 15 thousand Santas descend on the city for a bevy of events - friendly for adults only, so it’s best to leave the kids at home. Otherwise, they might be scarred for life by some activities Santa and his friends might partake in.


The pub crawl is for one night only and has participants from across the nation don their best (and worst) holiday outfits for a night of what some might call seasonal debauchery. The crawl features over 50 of Reno’s favorite bars and nightlife spots and will even have a comedy performance by Kathy Griffin. Last year’s Santa Crawl raised $15 million for charity, and sponsors are hoping to top that number this year - because after all, well-educated children make for the best elves.

USA Today called the Santa Pub Crawl one of America’s “most unique holiday events” and said it is one of the nation’s most exciting adults-only events each Christmas season. Hotels are still available in the Reno area for the pub crawl and organizers are looking forward to seeing you and helping you relieve a little holiday stress all in the name of charity.

Galveston, Texas Transforms Into Winter Wonder Island For Holiday Season Near Houston

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, November 18. 2014 • Category: Houston

Galveston Island is not a far drive from the Houston metro and just in time for the holidays, Galveston is transforming itself into Winter Wonder Island for a near-tropical paradise filled with holiday traditions both old and new.


Galveston’s holiday guide promises over 1,000 holiday-themed events ready to please all ages. Events kicked off on November 15th with the opening of the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens. Moody Gardens is one of Galveston’s most recognizable spots with its incredible glass pyramids that encase flowers and plants from around the world. The Festival of Lights celebration winds through a mile-long trail in the gardens with musical light displays, hot chocolate stations, carolers and ice skating. Moody Gardens is also home to an ice sculpture display with 20 different ice sculptures carved out of nearly two million pounds of ice.

Galveston is also known for its yearly Dickens on the Strand. This year is the 41st annual celebration of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, and from December 5th through 7th, you can enjoy the sounds and smells of the ghosts of Christmas past - all through decorations and costumed hosts. The event takes place in downtown Galveston, which is also home to many of Galveston’s shopping highlights.

In addition to the many holiday events Galveston has going on, you can also tour a wide variety of historical homes and museums as well as many other destinations the island has to offer. Galveston is truly an island with its own unique personality which will shine bright throughout the holiday season.

Plus, you can enjoy up to 10% off your party bus or limo rental to Galveston, but this offer is a Houston area exclusive and Midweek terms apply. Head over to our specials section to check out the deal and get a quote now. Or give us a call at 1-800-272-0633 to get a quote now. Don’t forget to use offer code GALVESTON to get your discount!

Find Inspiration At These Serene Spiritual Retreats Near Dallas

Posted by Ed • Friday, November 14. 2014 • Category: Dallas

Surrounded by crisp autumn air, beautiful scarlet and gold hues and the tranquil sounds of nature, these church retreats near Dallas can help in finding inspiration, renewing faith and discovering inner peace.


Chapel Home At Lone Man Creek

This quiet retreat modeled after a 19th-century Victorian church complete with Gothic glass windows and dark cherry hardwood floors sleeps nine guests and has seating room for 30. Complete with a nearby waterfall, a private porch and gorgeous trees, Chapel Home is ideal for those looking for a serene retreat surrounded by nature. In addition, it’s minutes away from Blue Hole Regional Park, Wimberley Town Center, Wimberley Zip Line Adventure and the Bella Vista Olive Ranch.

Margaret Austin Center

Margaret Austin Center, a rural, non-denominational farm-like retreat just outside of Chappell Hill, Texas, enjoys serving groups with a spiritual, educational or healing focus but also welcomes anybody who needs time and space in which to renew themselves. The farm at the retreat is located near the center of creek, woods and beautiful open fields and gently rolling hills. There’s also an open-air labyrinth to explore.

Roddy Tree Ranch

For a fun, rustic retreat, try Roddy Tree Ranch. This huge retreat features an outdoor campground setting with 16 individual cabins of varying sizes for a broad range of needs. The Ranch additionally offers a 20 percent discount to all church groups and depending on the length of the stay, may offer more. Take some time off and relax while swimming in a pool, going fishing in a catch and release pond, visiting a petting zoo, playing volleyball or badminton, going canoeing or taking a quiet nature walk.

Black Friday Shopper Specials In Abundance At Philadelphia's King Of Prussia Mall

Posted by Ed • Thursday, November 13. 2014 • Category: Philadelphia

Black Friday is right around the corner, and if you're looking for great deals all in one space, look no further than the King of Prussia Mall on the Northwest side of the Philadelphia metro area.


Most people think of the Mall of America as the largest mall in the United States, but the King of Prussia Mall beat out the Minneapolis icon to take the number one spot. That means there are plenty of stores with plenty of deals on Black Friday to make sure you're getting all your shopping done in one place. And no one needs to know you didn't pay full dollar - you can always mark out the sale price with a Sharpie!

The King of Prussia Mall will open its doors this year at 8pm on Thanksgiving evening and won't close until 10pm on Black Friday. That's 26 hours for you to truly shop til' you drop. Luckily, the mall has plenty of food and drink options for you to refuel and power on when the going gets tough. Or if you need a power nap, there are several hotels around mall property so you can have a room to recharge and store your bags in.

Plus, if you just have too many people to shop for on your list and fear you can’t get it all done, King of Prussia is offering a Personal Shopper Service to help you out. But the mall’s Black Friday assistance doesn't stop there. If you have the kids with you and need to get those Santa pictures out of the way, you can make a virtual reservation for the line so you're not wasting precious shopping hours waiting for your turn to put the kids on Santa's lap.

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Donny & Marie Osmond Set To Heat Up The Holidays In Washington, D.C. With Christmas Spectacular

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, November 11. 2014 • Category: Washington DC

Donny & Marie Osmond have been Las Vegas’ top rated show among audiences for three years in a row, and this year, like many others before, they are taking their show on the road for the Christmas season. This year’s Christmas shows start off in Washington, D.C. on December 2nd with performances lasting through December 7th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.32.07 AM.png

According to Donny and Marie, the best gift you can give anyone is a memory or tradition, which is why they have been performing Christmas concerts either together or separately since they gained fame in the 1970s. Donny and Marie also want to make sure the tradition of families everywhere seeing them perform together is not one that will go away anytime soon.

Since the holiday season is all about family, taking a trip to see Donny and Marie’s Christmas Tour is something to put on your list this year. Tickets are still available for shows at The National Theatre in Washington, D.C. before the tour moves on for dates in Toronto and Mashantucket, Connecticut.

So if you’re looking for a little “Puppy Love” this holiday season or maybe a few “Paper Roses,” Donny and Marie Osmond are sure to make Christmas memories for you and your family that you’ll remember for years to come.