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Watch the River Flow Green on St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

Posted by Ed • Thursday, February 26. 2015 • Category: Chicago

Dyeing the Chicago River green is a Saint Patrick's Day tradition that has lasted for more than 50 years. Chicago does the Irish proud. Watching the river turn emerald green is a magnificent sight, and the beautiful color is in keeping with Ireland's nickname, the Emerald Isle. It's also refreshing to know the feat is accomplished with no threat to the environment. This St. Patrick's Day tradition never loses its charm or excitement, and people look forward to seeing it every year. The best places to view the river dyeing are: the East side of the Michigan Avenue bridge, the West side of the Columbus Drive bridge or upper and lower Wacker Drive between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive. The dyeing event begins at 9:30 a.m. and the green color only lasts about five hours.

Chicago has wonderful parades to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. At noon Saturday, March 14, the downtown Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade kicks off at Balbo Avenue. The South Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade takes place on March 15, spans Western Avenue, beginning at noon on 103rd Street and proceeding down to 115th Street. Reigning queens of Irish ancestry are chosen each year for each parade and the 2015 colleens have already been crowned.

For individuals who love a good run, there are two marathons preceding each parade. On March 14th, Lincoln Park's St. Paddy's Day 5K and 8K start off the holiday weekend and are followed by Irish entertainment and refreshments in the park before and after the run. The Emerald Mile Run takes place on March 15th before the parade and is a one-mile race that awards the top female and male runners who finish first.

Aside from enjoying the marching bands, bagpipers, Irish step dancers and festive floats in the parades, the Irish and Irish-for-a-day can party together at celebrations like Kegs and Eggs. McFaddens opens at 7:00 a.m. with its Kegs and Eggs buffet, serving breakfast and beer for the staunch colleens and lads who are "a plannin' to party hearty." If you're serious about your partying, you can even go on the Chicago Party Boat for the St. Patrick's Day Booze Cruise, which lasts from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on March 14th.

With all the good fun and merriment, you can also ensure safe travel through U.S. Coachways' limos or party buses. We are an environmentally minded company and take pride in the fact that our vehicles help reduce carbon emissions. Don your green clothes and hats and travel green too. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention ST. PATRICK'S DAY when booking your trip.

Join in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, February 25. 2015 • Category: New York

Festivity on March 17th begins with the traditional Saint Patrick's Day Parade at 11:00 a.m. New York City is home to the largest annual St. Patrick's Day parade in the world in commemoration of Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint who died on March 17th. In fact, the proud Irish marched in their first parade in 1762, which predates the American War of Independence.

While you'll see more than 150,000 people in the parade itself, two million spectators usually turn out to watch the event. Marching the distance of 1.5 miles on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue between 44th Street and 79th street, the National Guard 69th Infantry Regiment leads this incredible procession that lasts about five hours. The parade includes bands, firefighters, military, police groups and other social and cultural groups.

You're likely to see girls with green glitter eye shadow, four-leaf clovers painted on people's faces or horses along with bands of bagpipers in kilts and talented Irish dancers. On this spirited holiday, the color green takes on a special meaning. From emerald colored clothes to shamrocks and other green accessories, people wear green to uphold Irish tradition. Not wearing green is fair game for getting pinched, based on Irish customs that arose centuries ago from tales of leprechauns who pinched anyone not properly clad in the shamrock green color.

You can enjoy a Guinness beer, join an Irish sing-along and savor a hearty meal of corn beef and cabbage or shepherd's pie. A number of pubs provide authentic Irish food and drinks, such as Tir Na Nog or Molly's Pub & Restaurant Shebeen. McSorley's Old Ale House, established in 1854, is the most historic and authentic of all, offering a tavern experience characteristic of the 1800's. It's walls are covered with relics from the past, making it virtually a museum. The pub serves only two types of alcoholic beverages light ale or dark ale.

New York City residents know better than to drive in city traffic and anyone visiting is wise to arrange other transportation. U.S. Coachways provides limos and party buses that are perfect for the occasion. Our vehicles are environmentally friendly and emit the least amount of carbon per passenger mile. Don't just wear green but also travel green to celebrate this special holiday. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention ST. PATRICK'S DAY when booking your trip.

A Virginia Prom Night that is Special, Fun and Safe

Posted by Ed • Friday, February 20. 2015 • Category: Virginia

As spring approaches, many seniors are planning for prom night. Prom is one of life's traditional highlights that Americans from all walks of life take pleasure in. In Virginia, prom couples often use party buses or limos as a way to travel in style, a safe means for transportation, and also for assured timely arrivals and departures during prom night activities.

For special needs students in 2015, Best Buddies is hosting its Second Annual Best Buddies Virginia Prom. Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that offers opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The famous Howard Theatre in Washington D.C. is the venue for this prom night event. It is a world class theatre that has hosted celebrities, such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Drake, to name a few. Not only can students have fun on the dance floor, but they also can enjoy pizza, snacks, unlimited soda drinks and other soft beverages. Adults can enjoy their own red carpet night on the Second Level balcony of Howard Theatre, which provides a view the dance floor. While having a good time themselves, they can oversee students dancing and enjoying their evening below. Adults have exclusive admission to the upper floor and the theatre provides complimentary wine, beer and hors d'oeuvres.

Restaurants in Virginia Beach offer a variety of options for fine dining on prom night. Because of its ocean location, many Virginia Beach restaurants have access to all sorts of delicious seafood and use it to prepare tantalizing dishes. The Tradewinds Restaurant has a dinner menu with appetizers such as baked mushroom caps stuffed with crab meat, flash fried calamari and shrimp cocktail martini. You can enjoy an entree of jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab meat or a seafood platter with fresh fish, crab cake, sea scallops and jumbo shrimp.

Thirty Seven North also provides what it calls elegant "farm to table" American cuisine. Its casual atmosphere on the water front creates a relaxing experience while you choose dinners made from fresh produce, local meats and seafood. Enjoy tempura fried jumbo shrimp in a spicy remoulade or oysters on the half shell as appetizers, followed by entrees like pan-seared scallops, house-smoked baby back ribs or homemade gnocchi.

U.S. Coachways is ready to made your Virginia prom night a safe but enjoyable one. An experienced chauffeur navigates traffic, bringing you to your destinations in style and with ease. Traveling by party bus or limo also reduces carbon emissions and helps people save the environment. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PROM when booking your trip.

Why a Party Bus or Limo Should be Part of Your Washington D.C. Prom Experience

Posted by Ed • Friday, February 20. 2015 • Category: Washington DC

Washington D.C. is a city for dignitaries, and here you often see the rich, the politically connected or even celebrities stepping out of limousines. They travel in style, attending balls, banquets and other sophisticated cultural events.

20 Passenger Limo Bus

For seniors in high school, prom night is the one opportunity where every student can feel exceptional, and yes, even elegant. Girls look their finest in exquisite evening gowns. Guys look handsome in their tuxedos. Unless they climb the socio-economic ladder into circles where formal events are a way of life, prom is possibly one of the few times men will wear a tuxedo. Prom is a fantastic night of celebration and a time for red carpet treatment. After all, this unforgettable evening lives on nostalgically in people's memories for many years to come. So, you have every reason to make the most of it.

Aside from beautiful venues, fine dining, and elegant clothes, a limousine or party bus is the perfect complement to your special evening.

Experience what it's like to be pampered in a stretch limousine. Imagine your own private, uniformed chauffeur opening the limousine door for you. You sit relaxed and stress-free, not having to worry about traffic, finding parking or figuring out the best route to arrive on time. While you sink into plush leather seats, you can enjoy watching a flat screen television. You can bring CDs and listen to your favorite music on the limo's surround sound music system. Fiber optic mood lights flood the interior, creating a chic stylistic decor that seems other worldly. You also have access to a complimentary bar of sodas.

For larger groups of 20 people or more, a party bus is an equally luxurious experience. Party buses transport you in style and provide similar amenities, except they typically have two flat screen televisions instead of one.

Fully licensed and insured, US Coachways has provided safe, prom limo services for decades. This is a luxury experience both parents and young people can appreciate. Parents gain peace of mind knowing their teenagers are secure and not at the wheel struggling with traffic, parking or finding their destination. They also know their young adult is not driving late at night while tired or intoxicated.

U.S. Coachways is ready to drive students safely on prom night throughout the Washington D.C. area. Our buses are all environmentally friendly. Compared with other vehicles, bus rentals reduce carbon emissions by 85% and emit the least amount per passenger mile. You can help save the environment by traveling green. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PROM when booking your trip.

Planning Fun After-Prom Activities in Orlando

Posted by Ed • Thursday, February 19. 2015 • Category: Florida

Your prom dance may end, but prom night typically continues. Over the years, a tradition has grown as a result of teenagers wanting this memorable night to last. They typically plan more activities that go late into the night or into the early morning hours. If you're celebrating prom night in Orlando, here are some enjoyable follow-up activities to the prom dance.

Continue dancing at a teen-friendly night club, such as the Beachum. The Beachum is known as an under 21 club, and open to guests who are age 18 and older. For close to 100 years the Beachum has entertained its guests and been a venue frequented by superstars and celebrities. This downtown Orlando club has a strictly enforced a dress code, but in their prom attire, teens who meet the age requirements should have no problem with admission. Vain is another popular club for those who are age 18 and up. Its three tiers make it Orlando's largest nightclub, and it mixes entertainment with Miami style club dancing. Another option is to visit the Suite B Lounge, known for its house, breaks, techno and Top 40 DJ music.

Other fun activities to prolong prom night include:

  • Going out for breakfast or desert. Enjoy omelets, pancakes or midnight desert at a restaurant that's open for 24 hours like the 24-hour B-Line Diner.
  • Throw an after-hours karaoke party. Invite close friends over to sing karaoke, eat pizza and have fun hanging out together.
  • Take in a late night comedy show. Sak Comedy Lab has an 11:30 p.m. Early Show you can book in advance and watch a cast of professional improvisers who perform based on the audience's suggestion.

Whatever activities you plan for prom night, you want them to be entertaining and memorable. Parents also want their teenagers to be safe. Transportation is often a major concern, which is how US Coachways can help. As parents, you're secure in knowing where your teenagers are going, that they'll be home at a scheduled time and that an adult is driving and overseeing their safety.

An experienced, fully certified chauffeur provides you with safe transportation which can begin with dinner at a classy restaurant, followed by the prom dance, and then off to your after-prom planned activity. When dressed in a formal gown or tuxedo, stepping into a limousine or party bus with a group of friends can make the evening truly extraordinary.

U.S. Coachways is available to help make your teenager's Orlando prom night a wonderful memory. You can also do your part to help save the environment. Using party buses and limos helps to reduce carbon emissions. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PROM when booking your trip.

The Magic of Prom Night in Houston

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, February 17. 2015 • Category: Houston

Prom night is the most special event of the year for many high school teenagers. Girls spend weeks ahead of time selecting a formal gown to wear, deciding on makeup, hair styles and accessories. The guys also emerge in style, looking polished and very handsome in their tuxedos. Houston offers many venues for proms that truly make the evening enchanting and a wonderful night to remember for seniors.

The Palms Banquet and Event Center is a classic setting with a 10,700 sq. ft. ballroom that accommodates 400 guests. Indoor and outdoor seating is available in a decor that is both elegant and contemporary. A party bus or limo can also take a group of seniors to the outskirts of Houston to Pecan Springs by the Springs, located in Brookshire. This is a popular Houston area venue for proms, with it's beautiful landscaping and spacious, open 9,000 square foot reception hall. The hall comfortably accommodates up to 320 guests along with a dance floor and stage. Northgate Country Club is yet another appealing prom venue with its French clubhouse atmosphere in a setting of forested scenery. It has a dining and banquet facility that seats up to 300 guests for plated dinners and also provides a dance floor.

A lot goes into planning prom night. Details for the evening range from obtaining bands, DJs, gifts, and flowers to party suppliers. However, from a parent's perspective, one of the most important plans to have in place is how to keep your teenager safe so the night can truly be a pleasurable memory for everyone. The media is rife with news about tragic prom night car accidents. Whether driving became unsafe because they were up late and tired or because they secretly celebrated through alcohol or drugs, we have a solution for you as a parent.

Renting a party bus or limousine provides your teenagers with a fully certified professional chauffeur to safely transport them from one destination to another. You have knowledge of where they're going, control over when they return home and an adult close by to oversee the night. Aside from safety, your teenager can ride in luxury, arrive in style and feel very special, since after all prom is a unforgettable, milestone as they near graduation.

U.S. Coachways is ready to drive you safely to your destinations in Houston. You may not realize it, but renting a limo or party bus helps reduce carbon emissions, which saves the environment. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more for prom night. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PROM when booking your trip.

Exciting Activities in Friendly and Charming Charleston

Posted by Ed • Friday, February 13. 2015 • Category: Family Travel

Known for its antebellum plantations and architecture along with its Southern charm, Charleston offers a cultivated ambiance that travelers enjoy. According to Condé Nast Traveler, its readers have ranked Charleston as the nation's top city for the fourth year and ranked it the second top city in the world for travel in 2014.

A favorite attraction in Charleston that also offers plenty of humor is the Inspector No Clues Murder Mystery Show. As Mr. Body's will is read, none of the witnesses realize they are murder suspects for causing his death. The Man in the Black Fedora, described as a combination of Holmes, Bogart and Clouseau begins his investigation looking into a redneck butler, tie-dyed dude and gold-digging maid. Audiences laugh and are drawn into solving the murder mystery as they watch this delightful theater production.

Many kids today are involved in soccer, which is a growing U.S. sport with an estimated 13 million Americans playing soccer annually. It's the third most played U.S. team sport, outranked only by basketball and baseball/softball. The Carolina Challenge Cup is hosting an eight day soccer tournament, featuring six matches between four teams. The games take place at Blackbaud Stadium toward the end of February. You can watch Major League Soccer expansion clubs New York City FC and Orlando City go head to head. Join in the fun, cheer for your favorite team and see world class soccer players, such as the phenomenal Brazilian player Kaká, England's international all time scoring leader Frank Lampard and Spain's top leading goal scorer David Villa.

February is also Black History month and the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission is celebrating African American traditions at the African American Heritage Festival. It's a great opportunity for students to learn about this rich history with its roots in Africa and they can enjoy reenactments, performances, hands-on experiences and other demonstrations.

U.S. Coachways is ready to drive you safely to your destinations in Charleston. We take pride in the fact that our services reduce carbon emissions and help people save the environment by traveling green. An experienced driver also helps you avoid the hassles of traffic, parking and finding your way. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention OCEAN when booking your trip.

A Fun Packed Brooklyn Day Trip

Posted by Ed • Thursday, February 12. 2015 • Category: New York

With winter break coming up and spring just around the corner, it's time to start planning a day trip in Brooklyn.

For 100 years, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been in existence, bringing pleasure to people from one generation to the next. Plan an exciting visit to the botanic garden during February Break Discovery Days and explore the Discovery stations inside the Steinhardt Conservatory. See exotic plants from around the globe. Learn how plants survive in their wide range of natural habitats spanning from deserts to rainforests. You can go on scavenger hunts, listen to stories and bring home a potted plant.

Spring and summer workshops and classes in gardening are also available for children from ages two through 17, and they can learn to tend their own plots as they mulch beds, pull weeds, plant seeds and transplants. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden also offers adult classes so the whole family can acquire valuable information about gardening. Learn first hand how to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs. Registration begins on March 2, and schools or parents must register children in advance, so now is the time to find out about it.

While you spend a day in Brooklyn, you'll find a wide variety of Prospect Heights restaurants with delicious food where you can eat. Drop into a cozy neighborhood restaurant like 606 R&D for classic American food. Or if you want to try something more unusual and exotic, visit the MangoSeed Restaurant which serves a selection of salmon dishes, coconut fried chicken and even prepares an island style hamburger with grilled pineapple and avocado.

To create a perfect complement for your day out, you can spend your evening at Barclays Center. Upcoming events include the State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, where the NBA's best players rival each other on the court. You don't want to miss the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Extreme, which offers never-seen-before spectacles for people of all ages. Circus artists dazzle you with their feats and you'll see some of the most magnificent animals on earth.

U.S. Coachways is ready to provide you with safe travel in Brooklyn through its school buses, large party mini-bus or other fleet vehicles. Statistics show that bus travel reduces carbon emissions by 85%. Do your part to save the environment and travel green. Also enjoy the convenience of a driver to navigate traffic and parking for you. We offer 10% discounts when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention NEW YORK when booking your trip.

Plan Exciting Visits from One Fantasy to the Next in Atlanta

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, February 11. 2015 • Category: Atlanta

You don't have to travel all the way to Hollywood, California to tour a movie set. A number of movies and television shows have been filmed in Atlanta. Atlanta Movie Tours takes you onto famous sets for Gone with the Wind and Driving Miss Daisy and also onto more current movie sets like Anchorman 2 and Blind Side. You can also visit the set for The Walking Dead. television series. An actor or extra guides you through the tour, which lasts three hours. The Atlanta Movie Tour is a unique and entertaining experience for all types of groups whether a group of students on a field trip or a company's employee team building activity.

The College Football Hall of Fame & Chick-Fil-A Fan Experience is one of Atlanta's newest attractions that sports fans don't want to miss. Football lovers will enjoy this downtown Atlanta tribute to football. Several floors of the three-story building contain a football field, a jumbotron where you can watch a football game and the Chick-Fil-A Experience complete with virtual face painting, karaoke fight songs for those who like to sing and a playground for football fans. The Hall of Fame is on the third floor and here is where the best of the best in college football have their stories told through interactive exhibits. Virtual displays immerse you into the football experience and enable you to view the game as a participant. See the field as you run onto it with your team members. You'll find your favorite players here. Lose yourself in the love of the sport and the spirit of the game.

Atlanta College Football Hall of Fame

Whether your fantasy is filming or football, you can also enjoy another type of fantasy altogether. Take a journey back in time to the Jurassic world at the Fernbank Museum, Atlanta's natural history museum. Watch giant pre-historic dinosaurs roam the earth in the IMAX theatre. See the world's largest dinosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic period. Fernbank's Dinosaur Plaza features the first display of Lophorhothon atopus, a species of dinosaurs that once lived in this area we now call Georgia. The plaza contains enormous sculptures of the dinosaurs in their prehistoric environment and shows their probable behaviors and how they most likely cared for their young.

Make connections to your Atlanta attractions through U.S. Coachways. Travel green, go eco-friendly and help save the environment. Compared with other vehicles, bus rentals emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile, reducing emissions by 85%. You can save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention ATLANTA when booking your trip.

Baltimore Fun for Kids on Winter Breaks

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, February 10. 2015 • Category: Baltimore

With children going on winter breaks in Baltimore, parents are looking for things to have them do. Consider getting a group of children together and taking them on a day trip or overnight excursion to children-friendly locations.

Baltimore has a number of museums that kids really enjoy visiting. Ripley's Believe It or Not is a favorite with its mirror maze and 4-D movie theater where you sit in moving chairs and see special effects appear right in front of your face. Some of the unusual artifacts on display include a Tibetan drum made from a human skull and a T-rex footprint. There are about 500 strange or unusual oddities in all that Ripley collected during his worldwide travels. The museum also has interactive exhibits where children can become participants in the exhibit.

The Maryland Science Center is located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor and kids love going to the IMAX theater, which features not just science documentaries but also Hollywood movies and music films. The Science Center has a planetarium and there are a number of science exhibits, including the current traveling exhibit "Da Vinci the Genius."

Another favorite kid's spot is the Historic Ships in Baltimore where some the nation's great ships are permanently docked in the Inner Harbor. You can climb aboard the U.S.S. Constellation, which sailed the seas for more than a 100 years between its first launching in 1854 until its final docking in 1955. It is our nation's last all-sail warship. The ship was used during the Civil War and became a training ship during World War I. Other famous ships in the harbor include LV116 Chesapeake, the U.S.S. Torsk and the U.S.C.G.C. Taney. You can also visit Maryland's Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse where keepers watched over the river entrance for more than 130 years.

Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum is absolutely unique. Bring a group to the museum to enjoy a visionary experience. Visionaries are self-taught individuals who had a vision and brought it to life, whether the person was an inventor, scientist, dreamer, artist, film maker or author, to name a few. You'll see giant other worldly paintings by Ingo Swann. Get a glimpse of the private life of rock musician Jimi Hendrix. Take a look at architectural drawings for future ecology-based cities. In fact, travel through ancient to modern times and experience the insights of great innovators who dared to dream incredible dreams.

U.S. Coachways can help you travel from one Baltimore destination to the next by providing you with green eco-friendly transportation. Not only is your travel safe in the hands of an experienced driver, you can also help save the environment by traveling in one of our buses. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call

A Valentine's Day to Remember in St. Louis

Posted by Ed • Friday, February 6. 2015 • Category: Saint Louis

Word has it that "love is in the air" for those planning to enjoy a Valentine's Day weekend or evening in St. Louis.

What better way to experience romance than taking your sweetheart for a carriage ride. The Fleur-de-Lys Mansion offers private horse-drawn carriage rides through Tower Grove Park, beautiful urban grounds that span 289 acres and which is also a designated National Historic Landmark. A magnificent Clydesdale horse will pull your carriage across a landscape of grassy terrain dotted with lily ponds, ornate pavilions and bronze statues. You can even enjoy a bottle of champagne during the ride.

For fine dining, the Love at First Bite: Valentine's Day at Four Season's Hotel St. Louis, Cielo Restaurant provides savory cuisine and a stunning view of the St. Louis skyline. Couples can enjoy a special wine and chocolate pairing dinner on February 12. The Amore package is offered on February 13 and 14 a four course meal that delights your palate with cobia, ravioli and lamb shoulder. The final touch of your meal is a delectable chocolate flexible ganache dessert with milk chocolate cake and white chocolate foam. The Cupido package adds flowers and a half bottle of champagne. However, the ultimate package is the Venere with a four-course menu, bottle of Dom Pérignon, bouquet of roses and Gaja wine pairing.

Take in the Saint Louis Ballet's performance of Love is in the Air, a combination of contemporary and classic dancing choreographed by award-winning choreographers and featuring internationally acclaimed dancers. They imbue the Valentine spirit of love, and delight you with exquisite dancing to favorites such as Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

You can relax and enjoy the amenities of the Cheshire Valentines Day Hotel Package, which include complementary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne upon your arrival. You also receive a $50 food and beverage credit for onsite dining at Basso where you can relish an Italian style dinner or at The Restaurant for an American fare brunch, lunch or dinner. The Ritz-Carlton is another tempting option, with a package that includes a rose petal turndown and either a complementary full American breakfast for two served in-room or a breakfast buffet in The Restaurant.

Make your St. Louis weekend getaway a Valentine's Day to remember. You can travel in true luxury, driven by a chauffer in a US Coachways limousine. Avoid the hassles of parking and busy city traffic along with the worries of arriving safely from one destination of your trip to the next. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention ST LOUIS when booking your trip.

Take a "Love Boat" Cruise in Chicago with Your Valentine

Posted by Ed • Thursday, February 5. 2015 • Category: Chicago

Like any large city, Chicago offers plenty of choices when planning a romantic night out or Valentine's Day weekend.

Take your sweetheart on a Lake Michigan dinner cruise with dining and dancing. Spirit Cruises offers a delicious buffet dinner, cocktails, controlled-climate decks and dancing where you can enjoy the glimmering lights of the Chicago skyline in the background. It's a romantic setting for couples who are 21 and older and is complete with a champagne toast and rose for each couple. Select from a number of different buffet dinner options, which include three salad choices made from organic vegetables, entrée selections featuring roast salmon and tilapia, chicken parmesan meatballs, beef short ribs, baked ziti and roast broccoli. Top off your dinner with rich mini-pastries or other dessert selections.

You can also combine romance with humor during a Chicagoland night cruise. Take the Lake Comedy Cruise's Valentine's Day Edition. Relax over dinner and drinks while watching several seasoned performers doing stand-up comedy routines.

Of course Chicago provides many other dining options as well, including lobster and filet at Devon Seafood and Steak. You can savor scrumptious Italian dishes featuring seasonal and locally grown ingredients at 312 Chicago or sample a delicious meal of American bistro fare at Adelle's, which features a large wine bar and service in a soothing setting with two cozy fireplaces.

After your night dining out, reserve your stay in the lap of luxury at the Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, located in the heart of the city. Accommodations on the 15th floor provide breathtaking views and there's nothing like a spa treatment for ultimate relaxation in the hotel's My Spa.

US Coachways can provide you with a chauffeur and limo so you avoid the hassle of driving in Chicago traffic, searching for parking or having to limit alcohol consumption as you celebrate a special romantic night out or getaway. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention CHICAGO when booking your trip.

Philadelphia — The City of Brotherly Love

Posted by Ed • Wednesday, February 4. 2015 • Category: Philadelphia

Philadelphia's nickname, "The City of Brotherly Love" comes from Greek words that William Penn used when founding the city: "phileo," meaning love and "adelphos," meaning brother. The name Philadelphia has endured for several centuries now and so has the nickname "The City of Brotherly Love."

With its famed Love Park, Philadelphia is not short on love for Valentine's Day either. Love Park is named after the iconic LOVE statue, sculpted by renowned artist Robert Indiana. Plan a trip to Philadelphia for a Valentine's Day long weekend getaway and dazzle your new sweetheart or revitalize your romantic relationship.

When you plan your Valentine's Day weekend, be sure to consider dinner options for fine dining. Romantic meals are restaurants' specialties for this long and well-celebrated holiday. You have more than 45 restaurants to choose from depending on your taste and how much you want to spend. You can opt for a panoramic 34-story view at R2L and enjoy a three course menu of American award-winning cuisine. The Volvér, featured in the Best of Philly 2014 Best New Restaurant offers an upscale ambiance combined with six-course and 12-course meals with beverage pairing. LaCroix at the Rittenhouse provides a similar option with its seven-course tasting menu or a three-plate dining menu and also has an extensive and exquisite wine list.

Philadelphia hotels are also offering special accommodations for romantic weekends. At the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia you can steep in relaxation at the Richel D'Ambra Spa & Salon and enjoy the tranquility and comforts of massage therapy treatments. Return to your room and indulge in chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of fine wine or champagne. You can begin your day the next morning with breakfast in bed.

The Omni Hotel at Independence Park offers an appealing romantic experience through a turndown service complete with mood music, special lighting and plush robes. Their Retreat to Romance package also offers a $100 food and drink credit for in-room service or hotel restaurant dining along with a bottle of sparkling wine.

However you envision your Valentine's weekend getaway, US Coachways can help make travel in Philadelphia easy for you. Splurge, rent a limo and travel in luxury. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention PHILADELPHIA when booking your trip.

Boston Luxury and Romance for Valentine's Day

Posted by Ed • Tuesday, February 3. 2015 • Category: Boston

As Valentine's Day draws near again, people start making plans to rekindle their romance, impress their new admirers or just spend more time with loved ones. With Valentine's Day falling on Saturday this year, it's the perfect time to rent a limo and head to Boston for a weekend getaway.

While Cupid draws back his arrow, the city steps into a Valentine's ambiance tailored for affection and "amour," as the French would say. Boston hotels offer a number of holiday specials incorporating added Valentine's Day amenities, such as strawberries dipped in chocolate, or truffle assortments and champagne. Rose petal turndowns, dinner specials and rooms with cozy fireplaces are other inviting complimentary services that hotels feature for this holiday. Enjoy a breakfast for two and have the hotel's concierge order delivery of a dozen red roses and schedule you for the hotel's luxury spa services.

Midtown Hotel provides you with a box of Godiva chocolates, a $50 gift certificate to one of four nearby restaurants and special discount rates for rooms. At the Hilton, you can have breakfast for two in your room and can take a swim in the hotel's pool. These are just a few of many hotels with Valentine's Day packages in the beautiful Boston area.

Enjoy the annual tradition at The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, which plays the 1942 classic film Casablanca. Watch Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman fall in love during their stay in Paris during the German occupation of WWII and meet once again in Casablanca. Also, artist David Omar White's legendary Casablanca murals have found a new home and can now be viewed in the Brattle Theatre.

Visit the nearby Museum of Fine Arts or Symphony Hall. Or, plan an exciting evening on February 14th at the Boston Wine School's special Valentine's Day "In Love with Wine and Chocolate" class and dinner. Classes are limited to 15 students for those who are 21 and older. During the two hour class, you sample various wines and learn how chocolate complements their flavors. A gourmet Italian dinner follows the class and consists of pollo Cristina (chicken baked in nutmeg and wine), spinaci alla florentina (baked spinach with mushrooms), and timballo (penne pasta baked in cheese sauce with a roasted eggplant crust). The dinner is complete with a desert choice of fruit or chocolate cake and red and white Italian wines.

Through US Coachways, travel in style for your Boston Valentine's Day by reserving a limo or luxury bus if traveling as a group. Save up to 10% when booking $1,000 or more. Call 1-855-606-4361 and mention BOSTON when booking your trip.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow and Visit the Adirondacks

Posted by Ed • Friday, January 30. 2015 • Category: New York

With recent heavy snowfalls, many people have skiing on their minds. If you're a New Yorker or live on the East Coast, you don't have to hightail it to Aspen, Vail or Squaw Valley for an exciting ski experience. Our Adirondack Mountains offer a variety of mountains to ski that are top ranking for skiers.

Take Whiteface Mountain, for example. This ski area was the site for the 1980 Olympic Games and the 2000 Winter Goodwill Games. Eight miles from Lake Placid, Whiteface Mountain provides challenging runs for downhill skiers and also opportunities for cross country skiing. You can view the Olympic Jumping Complex where ski jumpers accelerate down ramps and fly for great lengths before touching the ground. In addition, Whiteface Mountain boasts the highest vertical drop in the eastern United states.

Other Adirondack mountain ski resorts also offer exciting skiing opportunities. Gore Mountain provides advantages for families, including amenities, such as child care and children's ski programs. The resort gears its programs for first time skiers from age 13 through adults. You can come for a three day weekend, rent equipment and get a package that includes 90 minute lessons, rental equipment and lift tickets. Anyone completing the three-day program receives discounts and perks for the rest of the season. The resort offers the same type of package for first time snow boarders.

West Mountain is another great resort for a family getaway or school age students who enjoy snowboarding and skiing. The resort has hosted over 30,000 students who come on school trips, as part of church groups, boy or girl scout troops or other youth groups. Seasoned, certified instructors offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and expert terrain to riders and skiers with varying degrees of skills. The snowmaking and grooming crew at West Mountain work hard to maintain good skiing conditions for you. The resort has its appeal to adults too, offering low priced drinks for happy hour along with meal specials offered Monday through Thursday.

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